1 Garb 3 Looks: Basic Bralette

Ladies 1 Garb 3 Looks is back  in full effect and todays garb is one of my favorite pieces I feel every fashionista should have, Basic Bralette. Now I know what many of our Kontrol readers may be thinking, ‘there’s only so much you can do with a bralette.’ There are so many ways you can dress a Bralette without over doing it and over showing it. Today I’ve created 3 fabulous looks to gain some inspiration for our ‘fashion fiends’ when trying to decide what to wear with their favorite bralette.

Date Night

What’s the most annoying thing about a date night? Figuring out what to wear of course. When going on a first date or a date with your  boyfriend/husband the biggest question is: “What can I wear thats not too provocative and not too conservative?” Well that’s when the bralette comes in ladies!

photo 1-7

Try wearing a bralette (black preferably for me) with a waist fitting pencil skirt, open toe stiletto’s, grab your favorite red lipstick, and I promise you he will NOT keep his eyes off you and heads will definitely turn.

On The Run

Are you running a few errands on your off day? Or maybe you’re just hanging out with your girls on Peachtree Street or Rodeo Drive. Whatever the occasion may be your out and about, but you want to be fashionable and comfortable.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 2.36.24 AM

Every woman should have a pair of boyfriend jeans to stay in Kontrol of their Kloset, so grab yours and your bralette. Grab your boyfriends old flannel, and slip on some comfy sandals such as such as these leopard Birkemstocks. 

Girls Night Out 

Ladies your man at home because it is ‘Girls Night Out.’ The night where you can catch up with your girls, have a couple of drinks, and look fabulous while doing it all!

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 3.08.59 AM


Aluminum or Gold is perfect for Fall and Winter fashion, whether it is a pair of pants, skirt, or shorts you have to have one or all. This vintage gold skirt looks fabulous with the basic bralette.


Ladies remeber as simple as it may be, a bralette is a must have to have in your Kloset to stay in Kontrol. If you haven’t already buy you one or maybe five bralettes, I promise you will not regret it!

Ty Coleman

Ty Coleman is the Jr Fashion Editor for Kontrol Magazine. She is a senior attending Clark Atlanta University In Atlanta, Georgia where she is studying to obtain her Bachelor Arts degree in Public Relations Management. Ty plans to be in the fashion industry as a Public Relations Specialist,Writer, and Stylist. Miss Coleman is originally from Los Angeles, California where she claims she received her source of inspiration to be in the fashion industry. Ty's love, passion, and desire to be a successful woman in the fashion industry only makes her journey even more exciting. " I accept the mistakes I both will and have encountered, because it has proved I have the ambition to grow and excel. and have absolutely no desire to fail." - Ty Coleman