10 Items to Stay, Keep and Look Cool in the Office for the Summer!

ITS GETTING HOT IN HERRE… *Nelly Voice*. The heat is coming and it’s taking no prisoners! To The 9-to-5 guys this means frustrating mornings scramming through their closets, trying to find something to wear that’s comfortable. Most of the time that means plain T-Shirts that you tuck into your boot-cut jeans with your basic navy sports-coats.


Let’s back it up! You don’t have to be mundane for comfort this summer! We have the 10 Items that’ll keep you feeling and looking cool in the office all summer long. Once you finish reading this, Harvey Specter won’t have anything on you!
1. Polo Shirts:

If you’re really wearing that plain T-Shirt I was talking about early, please be ashamed of yourself. Now, let’s get out of that shamed corner and let me introduce to you the classic polo shirt. It’s easy to wear and goes well with most bottoms.


2. Linen Suits:

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Linen Suits! Their breathable and free flowing, keeping you cool in your office.

3. Short Sleeve Button-Ups.

This is a no brainer!! If don’t understand why this needs to be in your summer wardrobe, you deserve to be hot

4. Henley Shirts:

if you can’t seem to get rid of the idea of that plain T-shirt (even though I beg of you!) Try a Henley shirt! It’s just as simple with a tad bit more humph to your everyday wear

5. Odd Color Blue Suit:

Navy is cool at all times but it’s the summertime. Time to get fancy. Try out those light blues, blue tweed and teals on your body! Brighten up the office.

6. White Trainer Sneakers:

Oxfords can get a bit steamy in the summer so trade them in for white trainers. They’re office friendly and comfortable.

7. Soft Cotton Chinos:

You can give Don Draper his slacks back til winter again. For now, switch them out for Chinos. Get some summer yet office friendly colors like olive, gray, chambray and khaki so you can switch out your styles smoothly

8. Cambridge Daniel Wellington Watch:

It’s not going to keep you cool but the Cambridge Band Daniel Wellington Watch will be the go-to wrist wear of the summer. Mark my words!

9. Pastel Ties:

Enough Said.

10. Chinese Collared Button-Ups:

This has been a hard trend in Men’s Fashion and it’s a way to be fancy without having to tie a thing around it. It’s trendy, yet appropriate for the work place.

Looking and feeling cool in the office does exist and those 10 Items will definitely lead you to that path. What are some of the items you use to look and stay cool in your workplace for the summer? Let us know by commenting below!

As always, stay fly

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