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It’s likely that many of you have been wondering what all the gossip about Humphreys skincare line is about, and I’m happy to be the one to spill a little of the news to you. Actress Savannah Lee Smith of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl is the new face of Humphrey’s personal care products. Having only recently announced the partnership, Savannah Lee Smith and Humphreys are collaborating to discuss some of the many things that make Humphreys the world-renowned personal care brand that it is. Savannah Lee Smith is seen in ads discussing Humphreys all-natural Witch Hazel toners which are ethically and naturally sourced out of England.

Humphreys offers a wide range of natural skin-care toners both with and without alcohol. It goes without saying that Humphreys is an amazing brand.

Their witch hazel product line features various formulations that include rich ingredients like rose, grapefruit, aloe, cucumber and lavender purpose to nourish your skin and to encourage a healthy glow.

Humphreys Skincare“We are absolutely delighted to have Savannah Lee Smith join the Humphreys family,” said Karen Lesh, Humphreys Director of Marketing. “Savannah has been using Humphreys in her skincare routine since first trying our toners, and it only made sense for our ambassador to have a natural affinity for the brand. Savannah truly embodies the wild & free spirit of Humphreys, and we’re excited for all that is to come!”

A little about Humphreys

Founded in 1854 by Dr. Frederick Humphreys, a pioneer in natural personal care, Humphreys marries the strength of natural, time-honored ingredients with the latest skincare discoveries to provide unbridled beauty. Humphreys is proud to responsibly manufacture their products and offer a vegan, cruelty-free skincare experience free of dyes, sulfates, parabens, gluten and phthalates. Humphreys Witch Hazel is distinctively, wild harvested to capture the vital plant essence and distilled to preserve its natural potency – not diluted and never polluted.

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