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mike brown, ferns police, #iftheygunnedmedown


mike brown, iftheygunnedmedown,ferguson

#iftheygunnedmedown, a powerful and phenomenal social media justice movement in response to the on going police murders, and the medias propaganda tactics portraying the victims of police brutality in a negative light. The simple hashtag calls into question a long standing history of media lies, and inequality.  There has never been a question whether or not there was a large disparity in the image news outlets broadcast of Blacks versus other racial groups, however an even greater issue lies in the criminalization of murder victims such as Mike Brown.

#iftheygunnedmedown, ferguson, mike brown

The Ferguson teen was fatally gunned down on Saturday by Missouri officers.  Although Michael Brown was just 18, unarmed and from what witnesses say, had his hands up to surrender to police, he was shot multiple times. Unfortunately for Michael, Trayvon, Eric Garner, the young men of Fruitvale Station and so many others around the country, and Black America this is our reality. What is even more unfortunate is that even with riots, social media protest, hashtags and radical movements, and even a Black President, very little disciplinary action will be taken against the shooter(s) of Mike Brown.

#iftheygunnedmedown clearly displays the exact way in which the media intentionally uses negative images of Black victims to sway the truth. The propaganda is a covert way of telling the country, “see, they were a thug. We are better off”. Despite the hashtag rocking the foundation of media outlets all day, how long can one expect the radicalism to last? How can we take back KONTROL of our lives, and the safety of our families? How can we KONTROL murderous law enforcement being paid to slaughter us?

Many times we rush to social media to voice our opinions on injustices, and other issues we face daily, however for the first time ‘Black Twitter’ has really struck gold.

Check out these awesome tweets for #iftheygunnedmedown. Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

#iftheygunnedmedown, ferguson, mike brown

ferguson, #iftheygunnedmedown, mike brown

mike brown, #iftheygunnedmedown, ferguson

These photos bring a realness to the issue of the criminalization of Black victims at the hands of White Police Officers. . If YOU were gunned down, what photo would the news print?

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