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Having Sex On The Regular Can Keep Your Skin Clear

Having Sex On The Regular Can Keep Your Skin Clear

*Sings * “Sex with me, so amazing!”

Everyone yearns for healthy, clear and glowing skin. We use cleansers, toners, and moisturizes to aide in keeping our skin acne free, when the “key” has been right under our noses the entire time.

OK, OKAY! Get your panties out of a bunch. Yes, I said SEX and yes I’m connecting good sex to clear skin.

After a good sexcapade, can you honestly admit that it felt like you’d just had the best work out? I mean you might be a little out of breathe (how you feel after a good workout), face is sweaty (how you feel after a good workout), hair is a mess (how you look after a good workout), clothes drenched with sweat (OH yeah! that work out was BOMB!)

You still with me? A 30 min- 1 hour workout is very comparable to a night long sex adventure with your bae.

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So What Does That Have To Do With My Skin?

They say an apple a day keeps the doctors away, well an orgasm is one of the healthiest things that you can give your body each day.

Can we all attest to how amazing the human body is… to even be able to go through the convulsions that we do when we orgasm. Whew! *wipes sweat off just thinking about it*

sex, healthy skin, skincare, glowing, kontrol mag, kontrol beauty, beauty
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Sex makes your skin glow

Sex improves blood circulation, which helps pump oxygen to your skin. When this happens, you’re also eliminating the toxins that can cause acne breakouts.

Controls Acne Breakout

When you have sex, your bloodstream becomes rich in oxytocin and beta endorphins, both of which are anti-inflammatory molecules.

Pushes back signs of aging

When you have sex you’re boosting collagen which slows down the process of saggy skin.

Keeps you hydrated

 Because the blooding is circulating properly it is giving your skin the moisture it needs to stay healthy.

Cleanses your pores

If the sex is intense, you will sweat enough for you and your mate. But, don’t freight the sweat is very beneficial for your skin. The sweat acts like a facial, removing any grime or makeup residue that you may have missed using your cleanser.

*winks eye* GO HAVE FUN!


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