6 Kitchen Remedies for Gorg Skin!



6 Ways to Get Healthier Skin Using Things Right from your Kitchen!

1. Apple Cider Vinegar- In addition to growing your hair, apple cider vinegar is a great way to lower blood pressure. Try adding a tablespoon to a glass of water (and relax, stop stressing!).

2. Bounce Fabric Softener- Keep insects and mosquito bites away by tucking some fabric softener into your jeans pockets. The scent turns insects all the way off. Who knew!

3. Earl Gray Tea- There is an ingredient in Earl Tea called bergamot that helps draw out the toxins and shrink cold sores. Just place the bag of tea in cold water and place over the sore.

4. Sugar & Oatmeal- Try washing your face with sugar (yes, plain sugar) for smoother skin. Sugar acts as an exfoliant removing dead skin while destroying bacteria. Following this, rinse sugar off with plain water. Then, mix oatmeal and water to create a paste light texture. Apply to your face and then rinse mixture off with cool water.

5. Fluoride Toothpaste- Fluoride kills bacteria that promotes acne and breakouts. Apply toothpaste on the blemish following a clean facial wash, then gently wash toothpaste off the following morning. Any usual inflammation will be reduced considerably.

6. Meat Tenderizer- Using meat tenderizer on mosquito bites will release an enzyme called papain that breaks down the meat’s protein fibers. Combine meat tenderizer with water to create a paste like substance, then apply immediately on the affected area. Doing this will dissolve protein injected into your system by the insect.