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6 Moisture Retaining Hair Tips

6 Moisture Retaining Hair Tips

You know how some women’s hair just looks so shiny and luxurious? Well, I’m not one of those women unfortunately. I have naturally just dry hair so like some women I have to go the extra mile to keep my hair moisturized. I tend to get a little lazy with keeping my hair moisturized especially when my hair is in a protective style. I have learned through my hair journey that keeping your hair moisturized is like feeding yourself. Keeping your hair moisturized helps your hair be soft, yet still strong. It also helps your hair both grow and glow. If you’re like me and you’re trying to figure out just what exactly can you do to keep your naturally dry and or coarse hair moisturized have I got some helpful hints for you! It’s more than just finishing a decent conditioner and or a good moisturier. It’s changing up most everything you do with and to your hair to keep it healthy.

1. Don’t half it! Do it right or not at all! You should shampoo your hair both regularly and efficiently. It can be as often as you want, but you need to have both a system and a schedule. Make sure you “pre-poo” with both a penetrating and moisturizing oil, conditioner, and or combination of the two. The drenching of the hair with water can replenish dry strands. Washing with a cleanser also removes dirt, pollution, and product buildup that may block moisture penetration. Even though we have historically been taught that regular washing leads to dry hair, it is more so the type of shampoo that translates to moisture loss. Stick with gentle shampoos that leave your hair feeling clean but not stripped. Deep conditioning should also be a part of your wash day routine.

2. Seal it with a… Sealant not a kiss! Layer your products and then deal before styling! For example: first is leave in conditioner then is moisturizer/hair lotion before styling regularly seal ends with oil or hair butter blend, and then lastly style with usual styler to retain moisture.

3. No heat! It is always better to air dry you hair. Twists and braids force hair to trap and better absorb the moisture in strands.

4. Swap it out! Trade some of those gels and jellies out for creams and soufflés! Although there are plenty of amazing gels and jellies that work wonders on natural hair and don’t typically cause dryness, they can make the hair feel dry, rough and brittle.

5. Spritz to rinse! While you are utilizing protective styles in your hair keep your lovely locks moisturized amd scalp clean as whistle! Use a spritz bottle to spray water on scalp, shampoo and condition regularly. Rinse out with spray bottle and add moisture back in with leave in conditioner and oil.

6. Wrap it up or cover it up! Utilize  a silk, satin, and or polyester bonnet or scarf when laying around, doing chores, or going to bed. Satin or silk pillow cases can also help when going to bed.


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