Comedy Is Taken To New Heights In The Spoof Thriller “Meet The Blacks” Premiering Friday

Mike Epps is moving his family from the harsh streets of Chicago to lavish Beverly Hills in hopes of a better life, however just in time for “The Purge” in the new spoof comedy/horror “Meet The Blacks” premiering in theaters Friday April 1st.


The film, co-written and directed by Deon Taylor, features the same premise as the 2013 thriller, but with one twist, cameras follow the “Black” family who just moved into a “fancy suburban neighborhood,” but they swiftly realize that not only are they the only “black” family in the neighborhood, but their so-called quaint and safe area is far from what they imagined it to be.

The project hails from Hidden Empire Film Group and is produced by Roxanne Avent, Shannon McIntosh and Taylor, with original music written, produced and performed by RZA.

“The way that we built the film in terms of like when you think of all the spoof films, I mean no matter what you say or what you do you know outside of Mel Brooks and then obviously coming out of that and you know the Naked Gun series, Marlon Wayans and his family ended up you know taking the reigns and doing an extremely good job just kind of spoofing films for the last 15 years.” Says Director Deon Taylor, “What I hope we did with this movie, which I know is completely different, We took the whole spoof satire and all but I also think we did a great job building a true story within it all, and I think it’ll definitely become an instant classic.”

The film features hilarious cameos from comedy greats like George Lopez playing “President El Bama”, Mike Tyson, Paul Mooney and Charlie Murphy to name a few, Director Taylor goes on to explain balancing the funny while still delivering a believable thriller.

“The film balance wise was a little bit difficult at times because it was very easy to fall into comedy, but what we tried to do was basically amplify the movie a little bit differently in terms of when we got into more of the horror spots, I would try to shoot a classic horror shot so there are a lot of throwback scenes from the original Purge film to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and more. For example when we find Mike Tyson in the house for the first time it’s a throwback moment to The Shining, so I just tried to create little moments like that.

Director Taylor continues, “We even got RZA from the Wutang Clan to score the movie which was really cool. We found a lot of classic beats and tones, which made the film, really pulsate during those scenes. So it’s going to be interesting how the audience reacts to comedy and horror, but I think its really going to be a fun ride.”

Meet the Blacks features a host of appearances from notable celebs and stars in the film as well from Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Perez Hilton, Lil Duval, Gary Owens and Vine star Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor. Some of the stars in the film explains how filming was like on set with some of the most funniest comedians in the game to date.


“Shooting was fun as hell”, says social media star Lil Duval. “I was just playing a guy who was just there for the ride. I wasn’t helping with anything I was just there to leech off my cousin lol. I was laughing through most of my scenes, so I don’t know how he cut it because I laughed throughout most of my shoot”.

Vine star and new film comedian to the game King Bach goes on to explain his process preparing to shoot alongside such comedic talents on set.

“I studied and I did a lot of improv classes and training back at Florida State University.” Says King Bach, “Shout out to the Seminoles, so I think that really prepared me for acting on set with Deon and the cast.”

I wanted the film to be raw, energetic, and unapologetic and in your face, says Director Taylor, we pushed the envelope a lot, I wanted the comedians to be themselves.

Director Taylor goes on to explain some of the difficulties while filming a cast of comedians.

“The idea about having all the comedians on set originally sounded like a great idea at first however, then what you notice from the business stand point from having all the comedians on set is that you get the least amount of work done lol, because everyone is talking, hanging out and it becomes just a sideshow of jokes and stories.

He then explains one of his favorite moments while filming. “I think one of the funniest shoots is when we had Charlie Murphy, Mike Epps, Paul Mooney and Mike Tyson all on set in a room and that was one crazy shoot man lol.”

In closing remarks Director Taylor adds, “I just want people to pay very close attention to the film, but not just towards the comedy aspect of the film but the model as well, especially based on the fact that this is one of the first films that’ll break the mold of what’s going on in Hollywood already, but I think that we’ve managed to do what Fast and Furious has done which is basically create a multi ethnic film that speaks directly to our culture and directly to the fan base that the actors/comedians have earned and created. So I just have to say pay close attention to what happens in the next couple of weeks as the film gets ready to premiere world wide.” Lil Duval adds, “Please go see it because I need a part 2 to come out so I can pay my child support lol.”


Meet The Blacks directed by Deon Taylor starring, Mike Epps, King Bach, George Lopez, Gary Owen, Lil Duval, Mike Tyson, Paul Mooney, Charlie Murphy and a notable cast of other hilarious stars premieres in theaters  Friday, April 1st worldwide. – EffYeahMark

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