If Loving You Is Wrong- “Backfired”

Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Rusty furious with Randal’s statements about his new grandson. He demands the latter apologizes and take down his stork sign in the front yard. Randal informs him that his new grandson is his son and that he and Alex have been having sex! Rusty threatens Randal and then goes back into the house demanding to see the baby. His wife tries to calm him down, but he refuses. She confirms Randal’s allegations. Rusty believes she was raped by him, but Brad informs them that she and Randal were having an affair. Rusty blames him for everything that has happened and Brad demands they leave. Rusty refuses and Brad begins to beat him. Alex’s mother fires her gun at Brad, narrowly missing his ear! They leave the house, looking for Alex and her baby.


Esperanza returns home to find Eddie having sex with another woman. She demands he leave and admonishes him for not doing his job. When she finds Ben with him she warns him to stop working with Eddie. Joey finds Natalie’s home approval letter in the trash. He admonishes her for not giving Lushion a chance and informs her that he has not been stealing from drug dealers, unlike Eddie. Natalie tells him to stay out her business, and to feed his siblings while she steps out. Kelly arrives home and learns from Ramsey a gun was fired at Alex’s home. The two of them go to investigate and learn from Brad what has happened. He asks them to alert him if they find Alex. Randal goes to have a counseling session with Julius. There, he recounts a disturbing past where he mutilated animals, raped girls, and cut himself, only to reveal he was lying! He then shows Randal his penis and butt and asks him was he turned on. Julius ends their session and tells him to tell his father he is sane.

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Kelly and Ramsey flirt in her house, with the former stating she is reluctant to get close to him since he is leaving. When he begins to cut her backyard they find Alex and the baby. He carries Alex inside just as Brad arrives to see if they have heard from Alex. Alex begs Kelly to cover for her, fearing he will deliver her to her parents. Kelly complies, but Brad hears the baby crying. Ramsey manages to immobilize him when he tries to force his way inside the house. Brad tearfully apologizes to Alex for what he has done and what her father did to her. He tells her he is leaving their home. At the precinct, Claudia tries to comfort Lushion and talks with him about Pete. She offers her phone number in case he ever needs to talk. Just as he is about to get her number Natalie arrives.

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