If Loving You Is Wrong- “Randal’s Wicked Web”

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Natalie confronting Lushion and Claudia. Claudia senses how awkward things are and tries to leave, offering to take him out for a beer. Natalie shuts her down and then deletes Claudia’s number out of his phone. Lushion is surprised to see she is so angry, telling her the last time they spoke she wanted nothing more to do with him. She apologizes for getting so angry and being so hasty, but tells him she feels betrayed that he did not tell her he had so much money in the bank. He tries to tell her he never lied to her and they argue over a lie of omission. She tells him she is willing to give this another try after learning he is not crooked, but tells him she does not trust Eddie and makes him promise no one will hurt her or her children. He promises her, and reveals how he threatened Eddie by shooting him at point blank range five times with a bulletproof vest on!

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Eddie tries to come on to Claudia, but she shuts him down. She asks him about Pete, and he tells her he will probably die. He tries to give her his number, but she refuses and warns him to leave her alone before Esperanza finds out. Esperanza interrupts them and admonishes her for not clocking out on time. She also drills her on procedures that she struggles to remember, and tells her the skills she put on her resume do not add up. Claudia promises to shape up. At Kelly’s house, Alex continues to hide out while Kelly gets Justice, Peter, and Paisley from the bus. Alex’s children are happy to see her and their new brother. Paisley believes the baby has a tan. Alex tries to explain to them the wrong she has done, but Peter tells her he already knows she had an affair with Randal. Alex reveals she and their father are getting a divorce. Peter leaves angrily, while Paisley comforts her mother and tells her she loves her.


Brad arrives home to he and Marcie’s new apartment. She shows him around and unpacks. Brad seems solemn, but she tells him they will only be there as long as they need to heal and move on. When she tries to go to bed early, Brad asks her to hold him. She turns him down, feeling they should not cross that line again. When he realizes he has left some things at his house she offers to drive him back since he has been drinking. At Randal’s house, Louise learns from her son that he has been talking to lawyers and judges in family court to take custody of his son from Alex. Louise tries to get him to stop, but realizes he will do whatever it takes to get him back. At the precinct, Steven puts Ben on guard at Pete’s bedside. One of the other officers and Lushion try to volunteer, but Steven tells them he needs them on the streets. The other officer informs Lushion that too many rookies have been killed in the last year and that their precinct is corrupt. Lushion tries to get him to reveal what he knows, but he refuses.  Randal spots Marcie and Brad as they pull up to the latter’s house. He runs over to the car and begins to threaten Marcie, telling her he is going to ruin her life. Louise pulls him away from the car just as Brad is served a subpoena. Marcie warns him not to open it!

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