The Fashion Epiphany! (5 Transitional Tips) by: The Billion Brand

Men’s fashion/ personal style is on the rise and the young man who once cared nothing about his presentation and looked at clothes like they were just mere pieces of material to cover their body, with no further purpose or importance, has had an EPIPHANY!

Contrary to popular opinionated stereotypes, the young man, whether Black, White, Spanish, or any creed is starting to not just change how he presents himself, but understand why he must present himself a certain way while questing to gain knowledge on how to do so effectively!

Hoodies, sweat pants, basketball shorts, over-sized sagging pants and baggy classic (loose generally sized) style fit shirts are starting to slowly but surely become extinct and the inspiration to incubate a passion for tailored and custom men’s fashion is being birthed!

This new wave has influenced the young man who looked at the way they dress as an irrelevant matter/ second thought, to become conscious of his presentation.

Shifting from basketball shorts to Blazers, t-shirts to trench coats, and timbs to ties he has created a new value for his personal style.




0314-gq-cover_smallMedia has helped to visually stimulate the thought process though platforms such as GQ publications, fashion blogs and many influences have come from seeing main stream male celebrities from athletes to artists catch this new fashion direction, adopt it and indirectly promote through their personal platforms of media.

This kind of a cross branding merge of main stream figure’s influential power and celebrity stylists modern day fashion knowledge and expertise has created subconscious campaigning with human billboards. Human billboards that educate the young man on a different style shifting his personal confidence to go outside the box of what was the norm against his peers.

These visuals have given him the “ok” and approval to step out his comforts zone to try something new and have a credible source to validate his decision. But although this may be a new outlook, he must insure the transition is as educated as possible to cause a smooth adaptation. Below you will find 5 transitional tips – instructions/directions on how to do that!




 1.   CONFIRM:   Go to a tailor at your local suit store and get your proper measurements which include:

  •  ARM LENGTH: From start of shoulder blade dwon to your wrist / CIRCUMFERENCE 
  •  WAIST  (area 1-2 inches below your belly button)
  • HIPS: (lower area around your rear end, hips and thighs)
  • INSEAM/OUTSEAM: (inseam: measuring from right below the crouch area to the bottom of your foot/Outseam: from the side of your waist to the bottom of your foot)
  • NECK

2.   LEARN:   Verse  yourself on proper garment fit. (See– 25 tips for proper fit – also written by: @TheBillionBrand)

3.   CLEAN UP:    Throw away all garments that don’t properly fit based on your accurate and detailed measurements.

4.   RESEARCH:    Find what stores/ brands cater to your measurements and also what brands compliment your body to insure what default brands you can always count on to supply what                                                 works best for you that are ready to wear without to much tailoring needed.

 5.    BUILD:   After you take out your ill fit clothing, restock with the foundation principles of your closet by starting with things such as:

                                      Suits: standard navy blue and gray (charcoal and/or light)

                                      Shoes: brown or black (wing tip, Oxford, loafer)

                                      Dress shirts: white, light blue,

                                      Ties: blue, red, blue and yellow strip, blue and red stripe.

                                      Belts: brown and black

                                      Jeans: basic light blue, dark blue and black

                                      Casual shoes/sneakers: neutral color

These are things that help you to create a strong foundation for your closet and used at base pieces to build each of your looks upon!

With these few tips it will help you to bring that fashion epiphany into reality with proper structure and execution! Please let me know how your transition process is going and how helpful these tips were in assisting with that process!

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