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#CelebrityCrush Empire Edition| The Ladies of Empire!

Empire has definitely made its mark on television. The fever and hype surrounding this show is nothing short of a phenomenon. We can definitely thank the amazing actresses on the show for their part in making this show a mega hit! Although we tend to only think of Taraji P. Henson’s character, “Cookie Lyon,” when we think of the women of Empire we cannot forget Grace Gealey, Serayah McNeil, Gabourney “Gabby” Sidibe, Kaitlin Doubleday, and Ta’Rhonda Jones! Each of these women play a critical component in making Empire the show we know and love. That’s why this week’s Celebrity Crush is deluxe sized with ALL the women of Empire.


The “Queen of Empire” is undeniably Cookie Lyon. She has become television’s most loved character and we equally love Taraji P. Henson. Taraji is living proof that “forty is the new twenty,” as she ages wonderfully and has the body of a woman half her age. She is quite spunky and real as the matriarch of the Lyons, and transfers over to her real life relationship with her own adult son. Taraji oozes sex appeal and that’s why no matter what Cookie says–or wears–we are all captivated!


Hilariously dubbed “Boo Boo Kitty” by Cookie Lyon, Grace Gealey’s character, “Anika Calhoun” is poised, well put together, and still feisty! Grace is truly beautiful, and no matter how much we want to hate her character, Grace does such a good job portraying her that it is soooo hard! By the way, Grace’s curves are a living weapon and her walk will make any man go gaga! Perhaps that is how she became Mrs. Trai Byers, her Empire co-star turned husband just had to have her off screen!


Serayah McNeil has been one of our more recent Celebrity Crushes, but she definitely deserves to make this list as well. Have you seen her move, and dance, and walk, and breath? We are clearly drooling as she woos us through our plasma screens. As a nod to Rihanna and Teyana Taylor, this amazingly talented young woman has stolen our hearts and made some of other bodily functions go haywire–“drip, drop, drip, drippity, drop!”


Gabby Sidibe is CUTE! We love that blonde hair doo and her spunky attitude! She proves big girls can have it all and do it all too! As “Becky” she serves as the executive assistant to Lucious Lyon, and the voice of reason when the Lyons are showing their teeth to one another. Let’s also point out how flexible she is–do you recall her infamous, leg poppin’, love scene with J. Poppa!?


Bad, blonde, and beautiful! Kaitlin Doubleday is FIRE! As Rhonda Lyon she is smart, witty, and crafty, plotting alongside her husband, Andre Lyon, to take over Empire. We have loved her from day one, especially when she put that bib on to “take care” of her husband. In real life, Kaitlin just got married to her longtime boyfriend and although we are happy for her, we really hate she is off the market. Flo Rida and Pitbull said it best: “I can’t believe It, White girl got some ass, I wanna see it!”


Let’s be honest, Cookie’s executive assistant is the polar opposite of Lucious’s Becky. When she is not doing her job, she is usually incriminating her boss somehow. Still, the actress who portrays her, Ta’Rhonda Jones is NO joke! Her body is  BAD and her curves are so sickening you will swear you’re on a roller coaster ride! Ta’Rhonda may play stupid as Porsha, but she is very wise on what she is working with!

If your heart is racing as fast as mine then we have definitely done our jobs! Be sure you catch all these lovely ladies in tonight’s season finale of Empire!



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