Respecting The Classic

By: Eric Kelley II 


Kendrick Lamar has been named of the greatest lyricist of the millennial generation with his clever, aggressive and intellectual flow over jazz infused beats. The rapper has definitely created his own lane in the rap industry; going up against his talented peers like Drake and J.Cole. You might say that he’s an instant classic to the rap game. Classic recognizes classic and that’s why Kendrick Lamar has partnered with the Reebok Classic in order to explain what rap, style, and hip-hop culture means to him.


He’s in-depth analysis about hip-hop and how it correlates to being culture and style is simply brilliant. Leave to Kendrick to give you a deep and powerful meaning of how his first experience of seeing Reebok Classics relates to his culture. He says that “My first introduction to a classic shoe was the moment I stepped in school and said, I want to put something down on paper. I started writing. Everyone in the classroom was wearing Reebok classics. Hip-hop was more than just music. It was part of culture. It was part of style.”  

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A part of culture and a part of style is correct. No one wonder Reebok has chosen to introduce this strong minded individual. With no cutting corners or giving anything away half-baked, Kendrick exemplifies what means to be a true classic and how what has influenced him can also influence you. Now, it doesn’t stop there. Thru Kendrick’s collaboration with Reebok he has released his own Reebok Classics, given back to his communicate and also delivered a beautiful message about ending gang violence with it all. That’s what you call Respecting the Classic.


You can watch Kendrick’s intro of his Reebok Classics here and read more on what Kendrick had to say on! As always, stay dapper gentlemen.




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