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8 Things You Should Know About Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable

8 Things You Should Know About Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable

Janet Jackson graces us with her low tone, smooth, melodic voice in her latest album, Unbreakable. This is her first project since the tragic death of her late brother and also since her end of her music relationship with Island Records. The Rhythm Nation singer takes us on a path of nostalgia, while experimenting with new music forms.

Here are the eight thing you need to know about Unbreakable.

1. This is definitely an empowerment album
Throughout the nineteen-track body of work, Jackson exudes confidence and fearlessness with feel good songs like “BurntUp” and “Damn Baby.” Both tracks resemble the soft yet cutting edge we are used to, but with a modern twist.

2. Michael and Janet Jackson have more in things common musically then we thought
In “The Great Forever” Jackson takes cues from her brothers hit, “Billie Jean,” and even pays tribute by using the same vocal style he famously coined throughout his career. This track feels a lot like Michael Jackson, she does this again in the rhythmic and melodic “Broken Hearts Heal.”

3. Janet opens up about Michael
In a soft and sorrow ballad, Janet questions who will watch over and be there for him as “they” try to bring him down. Throughout the song she defends her brother intentions by referring to the good he has done in the world and how he’s remain strong for so long. This composition by Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis is very heartfelt and sends chills’ as you listen.

4. Janet likes EDM
In a EDM and hushed infused beat, “Shoulda Known Better,” reflects on Jackson’s thoughts on the state of society. She hopes to use all she has learned to start a revolution, because in order to create a better future you have to learn from your past. “Night” also has a very heavy house influence and Jackson makes it clear she is experimenting with different sounds.

5. Janet reminds us she is not the kind of girl to be alone
In “No Sleep,” Jackson talks about what will happen once she reunites with her companion after being separated for so long. There are three versions of this song on the album, but J. Cole adds a flirty yet lyrical element to the erotic ballad.

6. Janet reveals what her dreams are
Jackson is very aware of what’s going on in the media and society as far as police brutality and the increase of death rate within the year. Jackson unveils she dreams of a perfect place free of harm, envy, and hate. In “Black Eagle” she explains that sometimes, it’s hard for people to understand one another because they haven’t walked in each other’s shoes. She takes it further to say every life matters, a quote that stemmed from the popular, “Black Lives Matter.”

7. Janet gives us hope for love
In “2 B Loved” the singer says everyone needs to be loved and although we’re not perfect individuals, we will be perfect to that special someone that our heart truly desires. She even uses example from her relationship to prove her statements.

8. Janet lends us a piece of enlightenment
In “Gon’ B Alright” Jackson says love is the key to maintaining and being happy. Through the time when you’re down and you want to make a change, you’re going to be alright.

The overall theme for this album is resiliency, Jackson has experienced multiple heart-wrenching moments over the years musically, coping with the death of her brother, and her split from music producer Jermaine Dupri. She tells listeners, the music industry, and maybe past suitors that she has the power to bounce back, and that she did. Jackson poured a lot of emotion and love into this project, to listen, download Unbreakable by Janet Jackson here.


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