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9 Things Successful People Do Before 9 AM

9 Things Successful People Do Before 9 AM

By Tiara Shae: Twitter- @TiaraShaeH | Instagram- @TiaraShae

The early bird catches the worm! Here are 9 things that successful people in any aspect of life do before 9 in the morning:


1. Meditate– Meditating clears the mind for new, innovative ideas. Meditating also brings peace and quiet to the likely busy bee. Taking even just ten minutes to meditate can make a difference.
2. Exercise– Successful people workout before 9 for several reasons. Exercising is a different form of meditation, it helps calm down their thoughts to allows new ideas to pour in. It’s a stress reliever, and of course, it’s good for them! Sometimes waiting past 9AM to exercise can result in not exercising at all! As the day goes on it becomes less of a priority.
3. Plan out the day– When you have a destination in mind, you have to know how to get there. Plan your day out like it is a trip. Successful people do this to stay on track with their goals. They also do this to keep their day organized so that they won’t end up procrastinating.


4. Work on a project– Depending on your career and family life, you may not have a lot of time on your hands. Working on a personal or business project early in the morning will guarantee that it will get done in a timely manner.
5. Respond to emails– Sometimes you can get very lost in the day and forget to check your email. Checking it in the morning while your mind is clear will help plan the course of your day and keep your business and life afloat.


6. Post a motivational quote– Successful people like to influence others. Starting the day off positive is important. Knowing that the first thing people do is check social media in the morning, they typically post something inspiring for their followers to see.
7. Watch the news– It is extremely important to know the current events. It can spark ideas, it keeps you informed with what’s going on in the world you are a part of, and it also helps with networking.


8. Gratitude journal- Those who are thankful for what they have, have an abundance of positivity. Starting the day off acknowledging what you are grateful for will keep you optimistic throughout the day, which will churn out successful events.
9. Speak affirmations– Speak your success into existence. Thoughts turn into words, and words turn into action. Speak your goals, and watch them come to fruition.

What do you do before 9AM?


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