11 Year Old Entrepreneur Lands Million Dollar Deal

For the entrepreneur in you, begging to be released into the professional world, we introduce you to Mikaila Ulmer – whom at the age of four was inspired by two honey bees and a cook book to create a profitable homemade beverage. Of course she has her parents backing, but her wit and creative mind does all the work.

Mikaila was encouraged by mom and dad to create a product for a children’s business competition – the Acton Children’s Business Fair. She was also propelled to compete in Lemonade Day. In the midst of her plotting and planning, Mikaila was stung by two bees. Her original response was fear – no more bees for this tot. But after researching benefits of the buzzing insect, Mikaila then fell in love with the creature, motivated to incorporate its honey into her product of promise.


And as for that cook book? Grandmother Helen sent that over just in time – a 1940’s cookbook that encompassed a Flaxseed Lemonade recipe. This old fashioned lemon drink combined with bees and the benefits of flaxseed lit the fire under Mikaila’s behind.

Mikaila is a staple for vision and execution, the ideal result of creating and following through. Due to her drive she is rewarded with her product flying off the shelves all over Austin Texas, even landing a million dollar deal with Whole Foods. A percentage of her sales is donated to international organizations working diligently to save and preserve honey bees. Buying one bottle could potentially save one bee.


So after researching bees and their contribution to the ecosystem, as well as the importance of Flaxseed in relation to your digestive system, Mikaila spends her time participating in entrepreneurship panels and discussions. She is also known for educating those around her on the hundreds of ways to save a honey bee.

For more information about Mikaila and her lemonade brand BeeSweet Lemonade be sure to check out her website, for an in depth look at the Queen Bee herself.


Watch Mikaila’s first appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank here! Be sure to leave your comments in the space provided below.

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