90’s Beauty Trends: How-to for 2015

Personally, I think that the 90’s was one of the best decades you had Nirvana, Boyz 2 Men, Space Jams and flannel shirts. I mean what more could you ask for in decade with great music, iconic movies and comfy fashions?

I suppose if I have to be critical there are some 90’s fashions that should probably stay there like butterfly clips, JNCO enormous wide-leg jeans (even though sadly I hear they are resurfacing) and poor-usage of brown lip liner. I’ll get back to brown lip-liner later in this post.

While we can’t stop the cyclical nature of trends and fashion, however we can learn for our past 1990’s beauty trend mistakes. So let’s discuss how-to make these beauty trends work for 2015.

1. Iridescent Lipstick – To make this work for 2015 you need to create balance, meaning keep your eye make-up simple and clean. Let your lips be the focus. Also instead of going out and buying tons of different iridescent lipsticks, pair your favorite lips with an iridescent lipgloss.

Try: Bareminerals ~ Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss Iridescent Topcoat~ Ulta -$18


2. Matte Makeup– The trick here is not to look cakey, but still soft and flawless. Luckily, modern technology has helped us in creating foundations and powder that are more finely milled thus appearing less powedery. The key to perfecting the look now; is to apply your matte foundation/powder where you naturally tend to shine.

        Try: Clinique ~ Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup – $24




3. Brown Lip Liner– Told you we would get back to this…the key to pulling this off for 2015 is to use a complimentary shade of brown. Don’t just outline your lips and leave it. Outline and then fill-in with a beautiful, warm and soft brown lip color.

 Try: NYX~ Slim Lip Pencil in Cabaret – Ulta -$3.50



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