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“Kontrol Is here to influences the influencer  and is in the business of creating desire,  which is why we are unapologetic when it  comes to our focus on what we see as the  world of luxury fashion. Kontrol is irreverent and bold, betting on the  new and approaching fashion in a young and  innovative way. The result is an intelligent and authoritative  multiplatform brand with a perfectly  packagedcuration of style and substance.

fashion & lifestyle

Kontrol Magazine is the Modern Fashionista's Guide to

"living your best life."

Our mission is to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, CREATE, and CURATE a modern, chic, and sophisticated lifestyle achievable by all.

Julian Rashard Lark of Team Kontrol

The New Era of

Kontrol Magazine

‘I wanted to make Kontrol Magazines more personal,  warm, inclusive and relevant – proving the added  value of print with every issue. The magazine is  fashion first and foremost, then beauty but ultimately,  it’s about people, the things you discuss with your  family and friends. Kontrol discusses modern issues  with a sense of humor and doesn’t shy away from  taking a stand inthese matters. I see it as our mission  to show that what matters most in every issue. The  very best fashion and beauty images, stories and  interviews outthere.’

Editor-in-chief, Julian Lark

Sophisticated, stylish and provocative,

your source for luxury urban fashion, makeup and hair inspiration, elegant weddings.

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