Olive oil for skin, hair and makeup

Achieve Radiant Hair and Skin Using Olive Oil

As you know, Olive oil is usually used in the kitchen and in recent years, it has become more common to use during a beauty Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Who knew you would be using cooking oil for your hair, skin and makeup? If you don’t already use Olive oil on a daily basis, here are 5 ways to use it outside of the kitchen to achieve healthy hair and skin.

Olive oil and HairHomemade-Olive-Oil-Hair-Conditioner-

Olive oil works wonders on your hair, especially during this time of the year. Since it is cold and dry out, dry scalp can be a problem for some individuals. But the good news is that Olive oil penetrates your hair better than other oils especially after applying it while it is wet and conditioned. With the Anti-inflammatory properties Olive oil has, it prevents dandruff and holds moisture. By applying Olive oil on a daily basis, you can prevent brittle ends as well. Try applying Olive oil to your ends and you will notice a difference.

Also, Hot Oil Treatments will allow your hair to absorb moisture and nutrients that Olive oil has to offer. You simply warm water and pour it in a bowl, then put Olive oil in a small applicator bottle and place it in the bowl with warm water until the Olive oil is warm also. Now, massage the Olive oil to your scalp and cover with a plastic shower cap for as long as 45 minutes. Then rinse it out and condition your hair for more moisture. Using Olive oil on your hair will allow it to shine.

Olive oil and Skin

Your skin and hair deserve the same treatment so apply Olive oil to your skin as well. Since Olive oil holds in moisture, apply it to your skin after a good exfoliating session. This will help you maintain soft skin especially if you suffer from dry skin. Not to mention, if you also have sensitive skin Olive oil is a good and light oil to use that will least likely cause you to have an allergic reaction. Here is a remedy you can try for dry hands and/or feet. Apply Olive oil to your hands at night and cover them with gloves, and you will see that your hands are much more soft in the morning. Do the same for your feet but wear socks at night and you will get the same results! Your skin will have a natural glow!

Olive oil and Makeup

Makeup brushes and Olive oil Instead of spending money on makeup remover every couple of weeks, try using Olive  oil to remove your makeup. All you need to do is apply Olive oil to a cotton ball and  start wiping away. Once you are done, use your favorite face wash and apply lotion to  leave your face refreshed.

You can also remove makeup build up from your makeup brushes with Olive oil then  follow up with your regular cleaning regimen. This will help with removing dead skin,  bacteria and excess makeup from your brushes.

As you can see, Olive oil has many uses. Not only can you cook a healthy meal with it,  you can also maintain healthy hair and skin.


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