Love, Sex, & Skin! Get “Addicted” On Zane’s Newest Movie!

If you think this movies this summer are hot, wait ’til Fall! Zane makes it way to the Big Screen in a new erotic movie and thriller entitled, “Addicted!” As we all know when you combine the words “erotic” and any form of “addict,” things do not just get sexual they get dangerous! That’s just what stars Boris Kodjoe and Sharon Leal are delivering in this latest film. Sharon is “Zoe Reynard,” a woman who has it all–a doting husband, beautiful children, a successful career. Still, like so many housewives she feels as if there has to be more to life–and there is–temptation! Zoe’s cravings for more lead her down a perilous road that will place her and all she holds dear in danger!


Let’s just go ahead and say this film sounds scandalous, and I’m not talking about your garden variety Olivia Pope problem! This seems like an X-Rated, sure to be hit version of Tyler Perry’s “Temptation.” Honestly, I am already looking forward to it. Anything with Sharon Leal is going to be great. The actress consistently delivers a stunning performance in every role she graces. Then, when you have Boris Kodjoe as your leading man you cannot go wrong. His sex appeal combined with a Zane film means lots of skin, and abs, pearly white teeth, then more skin, and close ups of his abs. The girls (and a few guys) will go gaga! Tasha Smith and Tyson Beckford also appear in the film. This only proves “Addicted” is bringing its A-Game in the acting and eye candy departments. It will be interesting to see Sharon and Tasha share the screen. The former’s characters are usually so poised and laid back, whereas Tasha’s tend to be outspoken and the center of attention!  So find your desire, forget all discretion, see “Addicted,” in theaters everywhere October 10, 2014!



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