An Alternative Way to Apply Blush

For all of the ladies who do not know how to apply blush or have not found the right shade for their skin tone, try this remedy. It is as simple as 1-2-3. Use lipstick! That’s right I said it, use lipstick to achieve a rosey cheek. It is an alternative way to use powdered blush or cheek stain. You will still achieve the same look but the way you put it on of course will be different. I started using this trick because as a dark skinned girl, it was a little hard to find the right blush. Keep on reading as I walk you along these quick steps.

Step 1

Take any lipstick ( I would use one that you are not attached to or too pricey) and apply it to your ring finger. You use your ring finger because your face is delicate and it has a light touch. You want to apply it in a circular motion, enough to cover the tip of your finger.

Step 2

Make a fish face in the mirror and hold it. You will notice a crease in your face that separates your cheek from your jaw bone area. You want to focus on applying the lipstick to your cheek area.

Step 3

pink blush

Before applying your bronzer or foundation, apply the lipstick to your cheek in a circular motion but going upward at the same time. Add just enough that will not overwhelm your face to make you look like a clown. As you rub in the lipstick a little more, you will see that it is evening out and looking like blush.

Step 4

Apply your bronzer, foundation or finishing powder to your face and you will see that the lipstick which is now blush has further evened out. Applying your finishing product after allows your lipstick to look more like blush.

And now you are ready to go, rosey cheeks and all!


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