Ancient Beauty Secrets from the past to the future!


Growing up, we learned about the ancient civilizations that has shaped our world into a modern society. From the days of Ancient Greece, Rome, Persia, Asia, and Egypt many techniques and ideologies has cross over into current time. From perserving the body after death, to even using pearl powder to hide fine lines from the ancient Chinese Dynasty, alot of beauty secrets from the past are still practiced today. This blog is dedicated to foreign beauty secrets that can keep your skin looking flawless and most importantly silky soft. So sit down, and buckle up! We are taking a trip back in time via the beauty train. ALL ABOARD!!!


During the days when Greek and Roman Gods ruled the world, people woman were prone to keep their beauty in check. Even the Greek Goddess Persephone ate pomegranate seeds while being trapped in the underworld by Hades. Pomegranate increases the potency of sunscreen and contains brightening vitamin C. It’s also hydrating. Cell membranes get thinner as we get older, but antioxidants help cells attract as much water as possible. Overall, pomegranates It’s also hydrating. Cell membranes get thinner as we get older, but antioxidants help cells attract as much water as possible. Overall, this super fruit targets wrinkles, dryness, brown spots and even sun damaged skin. Also, we know the French love to eat their escargot, but the Greeks also used snail mucus to for anti-aging treatments. Sounds gross right? Honestly, snail slime is amino-acid-rich and antibacterial, and a recent German study showed that one type of the garden pest’s mucin contains anti-inflammatory salicylic acid. Snail mucin has since become a cult hit in Korea because of its major moisturizing and firming properties.


Lets continue our journey to ancient Egypt for more beauty secrets that transcended into our time frame. One of the most famous and beautiful Queens of the Egyptian Empire was Cleopatra. Known for her looks and relationships, Cleopatra was wrapped into her beauty treatment very tightly. She was known for her luxurious milk and honey baths that kept her skin soft, silky and yumtastic. Honey is great for the skin because it is considered a natural moisturizer since it hydrates the skin.

Chinese women used pearl powder on their skin to keep it healthy. Pearl powder, made from oyster shells supposedly contains lots of amino acids which rejuvenate the skin. After some clinical research, pearl powder has been shown to soothe the inflammation, promote healing and calm skin irritations. Apparently it is supposed to be used as a mixture with egg yolk and honey!

Another beauty aid ancient chinese women used is something we consider a weed in our society! Dandelion is a powerful detoxifying herb. It can help cure serious skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema and acne. With a strong alkaline property, Dandelion helps balance the pH of the body’s vital fluids.


Well there you have it! These are just a few things that women used in the past to keep their look in check. What ever your background is, be sure to use what is right for your skin type and complexion!


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