Are you Kontrol’s Most Wanted?

Hey Kontrol Family! As you know by now Kontrol is known for bringing you some of today’s hottest and sexiest men and women from around the world. Well now were going to bring you 20 of Atlanta’s Most wanted Men and Women in our next print issue.  Some of the Sexiest people are right under our nose everyday but we never say anything to them.

Their great to look at, especially when they’re bending over to hand us a cocktail at the local bar, Cutting our hair every week, or fixing our car from time to time.  Could they be Kontrol’s Most Wanted?

Kontrol's Most Wanted
Kontrol’s Most Wanted

Do you know of any sexy people just being sexy in their regular ol’ sexy lives? Are you beautiful both inside and out? Or do you have a friend who fits this description? Apply (or nominate!) for Kontrol’s Most Wanted Atlantan now! The lucky 20 people will be featured in our spring issue. What are you waiting for?

Fill out the form below to add your cutie to the list. Submissions run through Jan. 30, midnight.

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