ASOS x PUMA 90s Inspired Collaboration!!!

In the past year or so, we’ve seen 90s street wear resurface as a major trend with celebrities like Rihanna, and label mate Rita Ora making it cool again to be tomboy-chic. At first glance, this collection immediately reminded me of 90s r&b superstar and poster child for the sporty-sexy street-wear style, Aaliyah. The colors in this ASOS and PUMA collection are reminiscent of one outfit in particular worn by the singer; she rocked a Tommy Hilfiger (a go to designer during that era) bandeau top with matching briefs and over sized denim, all in the signature colors of red, navy blue, black, and white. There is a very slim chance that Aaliyah’s name did not come up as inspiration when this collection was in its planning phase.

The 12 item capsule collection became available on January 13th. In it are crop tops in a variation of long and short sleeve; there’s a t-shirt like maxi dress, some jogger pants, a faux fur sleeved jacket and a few more really cute pieces. The graphic prints (graffiti, animal, and grid), bold colors, and ultra cool vibe is sure to win over all the young hipsters across the globe. I’m excited to see how these street wear lovers style some of these items. The collection is fitting for students maneuvering around campus, or for fashion bloggers in a relaxed mood. The garments in this collection are for the young, hip, and cool girls everywhere. Notice I said girls, right? That’s because guys were excluded from this latest collaboration. That’s right! A street wear collection only for girls. ASOS BLACK did a collection for guys and a lot of items are on sale now. So don’t worry fellas, you weren’t completely left out; this one however, is just for us!

Jump on over the ASOS.COM to shop the full collection with prices ranging from $64-$118.

– Sasha-Gay Trusty.