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August Alsina Talks Being In a Coma, Spiritual Visions, and Wanting a Girlfriend

R&B crooner August Alsina is making up for lost time. This week he hit up the New York radio stations, including the infamous show “The Breakfast Club,” and gave us the real story behind what took place this past summer when he collapsed on stage as well as seeing his deceased brother while in a coma, and his thoughts on having a girlfriend.

Check out a few things that we learned from the interview about the 22-year-old singer.

August isn’t a big fan of Tinder, says the dating app is for whores.

“I think it’s really weird, it’s like you sign up to be a whore. I believe Tinder is for sex, and sex only. Tinder is for whoreness. “

He’s focused on living life and enjoying the moment.

“I’m definitely living more, and having life taken away from me for a little while, forces you to be more open-minded and to go live. “

He believes that being in a coma was God’s way of slowing him down.

“I had over 10 seizures. I never had that problem before, never that type of medical history in my family or anything of that sort. I was talking to Meek [Mill] and basically our conversation was sometimes God can find a way to sit you down. And me, I have a huge problem being still. I just have a problem with that, I feel like if I’m still I’m stagnant, and if I’m stagnant I still have an issue in my mind.”

He saw his deceased brother while in a coma.

“During that time when I was down for three days, I saw my brother. All the time I pray like, ‘Man, I just want him to see me in my dream. Come holla at me or something…Like give me some answers to something. I’m out there trying to figure things out on my own and it’s a lot of questions that I can’t answer. So I’m like, “come see me in my dream, come talk to me something,’ and in that moment he saw me, I knew that I was cool. I knew that I would be fine.”

He wouldn’t mind having a girlfriend to take care of him.

“To be a love in such an unloving place, you just got to go with the flow…but I definitely want me a girl because I feel like if I had a girl that situation [referring to him falling in a coma] that happened, that probably wouldn’t have happened. It’s like when my mama come around it’s like ‘boy eat.’”

Check out the full interview below.


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