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Quan will do just about anything for love and marriage, traveling a road no man should go down. Alyssa is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her sanity in a world that has been shadowed with seductions. Meanwhile, Tiffany is ready to bet all or nothing for the one man her heart is after. Leaving Ahmad to blindly venture into dangerous territory. Will it be too late to turn back? Who will come out on top?

Get to know Norlita:

1.   Tell Kontrol more about your book.
This book is the last in the trilogy, Somebody Else’s Vows, Sexual Suicide and now Shadowed Seductions. It continues the story of a woman, Alyssa, who was happily married to Quan, or so it seemed, until the day she met and fell in love with a co-worker, Ahmad. This love triangle spiraled so out of control that in the end it trippled. What once was one triangle now ends in three. Alyssa is having a hard time determining the difference between love and lust, which may make her lose everything in the end.
2.    Why did you choose to write this book?
I chose to write the debut novel, because I wanted to provide understanding to a relationship’s demise. I no longer wanted the finger pointed at the man when the woman sometimes can be just as guilty. I wanted to explore what would make a woman cheat and what her consequences would be. The sequel and hence the trilogy was brought forth at the request of the readers, whom I love dearly, because of them my writing has grown, strengthened and taken on a life all its own.
3.    Tell us why your writing is unique?
My writing is unique because though it entertains it also enlightens. Writing is my passion, but it never leaves my purpose.
4.    What can we look forward from you?
When I wrote Somebody Else’s Vows, I thought I was done with that story until my readers urged me for more. Now, I am contemplating writing another instalmment in the series as well as a spin off from one of the other characters and begin a new work coming from a completely different perspective. I am also working on a screenplay which I hope to bring to fruition in the very near future.

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