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When is Strong – Strong Enough….How to Push Through the Pain gives a riveting account of the life events of author, Souraya Christine. Although Souraya is not a celebrity of any sort, her mission, with this book, is to provide an avenue of self-help for any young female who may be struggling with molestation, abuse, lies, promiscuity, alienation, death, teen pregnancy, or any other traumatic situation. It is an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end, and will leave you with a renewed sense of self-worth.

Get to know Souraya:

1. Tell us what this book is about?
In a nutshell, this book is designed to speak to any person who has ever been through a traumatic event or series of events. The idea behind telling my story, in the way that it is told, is to create the understanding that no one has to suffer in silence. My goal, with this book, is to help people recognize traumatic situations, face and cope with them, and ultimately learn to forgive and heal. It chronicles my life and the struggles within it, and offers real world, matter-of-fact insight into picking up the pieces and moving on.
2. Why did you choose to write this book?
Initially, my plan was to write this book simply to help me heal. It was to serve as therapy for me. My thought was simply to get the monsters out of my head and onto paper. In January 2012 however, I had a spiritual revelation that made me realize that I was being selfish, and that this was not about me. Armed with the idea that someone else out there needed to hear my story, I decided to re-write the book and seek to have it published for the public. It was truly a difficult decision because it meant airing my dirty laundry, so to speak. I had to come to terms with the thought of people judging me and viewing me differently than they viewed me before knowing my secrets. I believe I made the right decision.
3. Tell us why your writing is unique?
My writing style is unique because it is what I call “Girlfriend Language”. It is very conversational and allows readers to feel as if they are in an actual discussion with the person telling the story. I’ve found that this makes my work easy to read and relate to.
4. What can we look forward from you?
I am currently working on two novels to be released in 2013, and one self-help book. I host a weekly BlogTalkRadio show entitled Never Strong Enough which airs every Thursday at 6:00pm pst. I am also stepping into the world of acting, am working on a documentary film about forgiveness, and will be pitching a reality tv show soon.

Find the author:
Facebook: Author Souraya Christine
Twitter: @SourayaChristin

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