Backstage Beauty Secrets from Hairstylists of CW’s ‘Jane the Virgin’

To bid a proper adieu for this season’s ‘Jane the Virgin’, set hairstylists, Michelle Rene Elam, Department Head Hair, and Tena Parker Baker, Key Hair, decided to share their backstage secrets for achieving the cast’s signature hairstyles.

Check out photos along with tips and tricks below!



Ivonne Col / Alba by Tena Parker Baker

To achieve Alba’s look, Tena adds volume to Ivonne’s hair by “using a T3 Antigravity 2.5” Ceramic Barrel Brush to create slight volume and soft wispy fringe around her forehead.  To keep the shape designed, a fine mist of White Sands Infinity Hairspray does the job.”


Brett Dier / Michael by Tena Parker Baker 

In order to get Michael’s conservative style, Tena has to “force his hair against its will into neatness beginning with Moroccanoil Mousse, a wire bristle brush, and the powerful T3 Featherweight 2 Hair Dryer. His style is then doped out, as he might say, with a wax.”



Jaime Camil / Rogelio by Michelle Rene Elam

Michelle alternate between two different looks on Jaime depending on what he will be playing on set.  “When he is portraying an actor, I blow-dry his hair with Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protectant Spray using a wire vent brush and metal round brush to enforce the strong shape. When Rogelio is in his street character, I use extra Gansta Grip and a small toothcomb to form the suave shape, then diffuse dry.”


Justin Baldoni / Rafael by Michelle Rene Elam

In order to achieve Justin’s look for his character, Rafael, Michelle has to “blow-dry with Bumble & Bumble Sea Surf Spray & Prive Finishing Texture Spray. Then to finish the controlled dashing design I use a wax to piece through. We love the scenes he gets to have bed head or beach hair and I rough it up using more Texture Spray.”


Bridget Regan / Rose by Tena Parker Baker 

Tena turns Bridget into housewife Rose, by using White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Thermal Styling Spray to start.  “During the round brush blow dry, I use T3 Body Waver to work volume into her heavy luxurious hair. Set is designed with 1.75″ Professional Iron then I polish it off with White Sands Orchids Oil for shine and humidity protection. Bridget’s style has to be brushed frequently so using Aerogel Styling Spray holds it perfectly yet allows free flowing looks from many strokes of the brush.”


Andrea Navedo / Xo by Tena Parker Baker

In order to tame Andrea’s hair and to keep it from falling into her face, Tena will “use White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Thermal Styling Spray on wet hair. Using the T3 Tourmaline Hair Dryer, I aim the air around the hairline with a natural boar bristle brush and sweeping it away from her face. Then I continue smoothing her natural waves with the Anti-gravity 3″ Barrel Ceramic Tourmaline Brush to keep her hair damage free and a glossy finish. Andrea’s swift flowing curls sweep away from her face using T3 body Single Pass Twirl 1.25″ Iron, then Oribe Texture Spray to lift her roots. Her style is maintained throughout long days with White Sands Orchids Oil and Aerogel Styling Spray, keeping shine, shape, and soft hold along with a Mason Pearson brush forming the soft waves.”


Yael Groblas / Petra by Michelle Rene Elam

Yael’s hair is delicate so Michelle uses “Living Proof Restore Target Repair Cream on her ends, then mist her hair all over with White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Thermal Styling Spray to protect and smooth during the blow dry while using a T3 anti-gravity 2.5″ Barrel Ceramic Brush to create smooth volume. Her style is a specific mix of noir 1920’s & 21st Century mod glam. To create this style and help last all day, I set her using a 3/4 – 1” marcel iron angling it at 2:00/7:00 all the way around. A big bone comb and Mason Pearson brush keeps the flowing shape. On humid outdoor scenes I keep Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray handy and in heavy fog I even toss on a rain cap! Her flashbacks are fun as she gets to sport more natural shapes; longer and playful. We add real hair extensions or a halo design extension piece to help create these looks.”


Gina Rodriguez / Jane by Michelle Rene Elam

To achieve Gina’s easy and no fuss look for her character Jane, Michelle uses  “White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Thermal Styling Spray  and then Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Neuro Unclipped 1.25″ Styling Cone to set her whimsical locks. She has a copious amount of hair, so I often flat iron the roots with my T3 Singlepass styling iron to keep it snug to her head. Maintaining her hair through the day requires different options depending on the humid or dry weather, how long the day of work is, and how many hair changes we have. I keep Moroccanoil treatment oil and White Sands Orchids Oil close by to tame any wildness and give that extra sheen. Some days Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Crème is needed when her hair is extra tired. I seal her with Aerogel Styling Spray or Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium. When she wears a ponytail, I use a wooden dye brush with holding spray to tame down any strong little guys popping out. Her hair is very particular of shampoos so whether traveling or home she carries it with her, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo & Seaweed Bath Co. Balancing Argan Shampoo.”

Now that you have the inside scoop on how to achieve these looks, what look will you be rocking?

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