Beauty Talk with Beyonce’s Lead Dance, Ashley Everett

Hailing from a small town in Northern California, Ashley Everett is living her dream (and other’s!) working with some of our favorite famous superstars, namely Beyonce.  Dancing since she could remember, her talent was further cultivated through her education and training through the Alvin Ailey Dance Company when she was 16 .  Since then, she has lent her talent to the likes of Tina Turner and of course, Beyonce.


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We recently caught up with Ashley during her photoshoot to chat with her about some of her favorite beauty products and regimen.  When Ashley is not on stage, her beauty regimen is pretty laid back and she likes to allow her skin and hair to rest.  “I deep condition (my hair) on my off time…I try to not wear too much makeup when I’m not on stage because we are always sweating in our makeup and I try to do deep cleansers and masks…I’ll do that at least once a week.”  Ashley also cites using ice to close her pores after cleansing her face as a beauty secret.

Find out more about Ashley’s beauty secrets and regimen in her exclusive video interview above with Kontrol’s Editor-in-Chief, Julian Lark, and check out some of her photos from the photoshoot below!


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Photographer: Will Sterling, Hair: Danie Wilks, Makeup: Geno Freeman, Stylist: Julian Lark 


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