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Being Mary Jane- “Being Kara”

Being Mary Jane- “Being Kara”

Focus shifted slightly on Being Mary Jane to “Being Kara” as the show began with a very intimate sex scene between she and her boyfriend, Gael. After going a round she goes to do some work on her laptop, promising to come back to bed, but ends up falling asleep on the sofa and waking up late. She races to get ready and has Gael let himself out. He promises to send her a reminder of the double date they are having with his best friend and his wife. She promises to make it. She arrives late to her son’s parent-teacher conference and becomes angry when her ex-husband tells her it is okay. She feels she is failing their son and learns he may have dyscalculia. She tells him they need to spend more time with him and suggests he allow the boys to begin visiting with her. She then begins to rant about how much it is going to cost to take care of his tutorials, realizing she has too many expenses. At SNC, Mary Jane (MJ) tests to see if she is screen ready, but Greg comments on how he can only still see her scars. She berates Kara for being late, feeling Greg would have listened to her.

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That night MJ arrives home and finds a piece of mail addressed to her from Lisa. She places it down and calls Cuddy Buddy over to hook up. They have sex on her kitchen counter. The next morning, Kara finds her oldest son bothering her about breakfast and that her younger one has wet the bed. She tries to deal with both of them, but ends up threatening to get rid of their dog for eating up her shoe. She makes them breakfast all the while trying to deal with work issues. MJ leaves Cuddy Buddy in her bed and heads to meet with CeCe to give her the second installment of her $25K extortion deal. They debate about how lazy Black people have become, but when CeCe tries to offer her condolences about Lisa, MJ rudely reminds her they are not friends. Kara arrives at work to find Marisol talking with Greg. She talks to her privately and demands she back off and not cause any more problems for her or her shows. That night Cuddy Buddy returns and has sex with MJ in her pool. They are interrupted by Neicey, who has come for her aunt’s help with her resume. MJ teaches her how to embellish her skills since she has no work experience.

being mary jane hey mikey atl

Kara decides to bake homemade brownies for her son’s school treats, but ends up letting them burn while working. She panics, leaves her kids home alone, and goes to MJ’s house, begging her to bake them for her. MJ is shocked to see her in such distress at that time of the night and comforts her when she begins to have an emotional breakdown. She sends her home and bakes the brownies for her. She and Cuddy Buddy have sex again twice, with him cumming inside her. She realizes she missed taking one of her birth control pills. Elsewhere, Neicey’s interview seems to tank, as she feels the interviewer is judging her. She boldly tells her she knows her product better than her current employees and is only late because she is a mother. MJ decides to read Lisa’s mail to her and see it is an invite to see her speak at a conference. She breaks down and is comforted by Cuddy Buddy. At SNC, Kara breaks up with Gael, but has sex with him in her car once more. She later suggests to her ex-husband they co-parent and move back in together as roommates to cut down on expenses. He agrees. Later, MJ thanks Cuddy Buddy for changing his routine for her. He is just glad he could be there for her.

being mary jane hey mikey atl


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