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Being Mary Jane- “Facing Fears” & “Louie, Louie”

Being Mary Jane- “Facing Fears” & “Louie, Louie”

Being Mary Jane is back and beginning with tragedy as Mary Jane’s (MJ) is injured in a car accident. Her family races to the hospital to be at her side as she prepares to scanned for internal injuries. They find none, but her face has been scarred. As she heads to her hospital room she sees the other woman she injured in the accident. David tries to apologize to her, but she attacks him, while Lisa runs away and hides. Helen is confused, but Paul demands answers from David. When he tells him how he betrayed MJ, Paul slugs him and makes him leave. In her room, Cara covers the mirrors, not wanting her to see herself. She tells her they have one of the best plastic surgeons in the world on a flight the next day to repair her face. She tries not to worry, and asks her to stay with her. Cara stays the night, but the next morning receives a call from SNC that she takes in the hall. Meanwhile, MJ checks out her face and is disturbed by what she sees. Cara returns and tells her they found alcohol in her system, and that she needs to call her lawyer.


Helen comforts her daughter, telling her that she will be fixed up and back on television in no time. Later, she confronts Lisa about her involvement with David, likening it to incest. MJ visits with Cece, the other driver, who tells her she does not have insurance and is waiting to receive treatment. Before MJ leaves the hospital she gives her a personal check for $3K and writes “Sorry” on it. At home Helen tries to tend to MJ, but walks into a glass wall and falls out. Paul retrieves her, and her maid leaves reluctantly, leaving her alone. Her lawyer, Cedric, meets with her and promises to get the alcohol charges dismissed and her back on the air in three weeks. PJ comes by later to look after her. Cece meets with SNC’s lawyers. They offer her a settlement of $45K, but she demands twice that or she will go public with what has happened. Greg tries to intimidate her, but her boss gives in and throws in an extra $10K for her silence. MJ and PJ discuss Lisa and David’s affair and he admonishes her for being too lenient on the latter. He states privileged Black Men do not know how to fight for strong black women. Later, Patrick arrives with Lisa in tow, asking MJ to speak with her. MJ grabs her bat and walks out to Lisa to confront her. There she “apologizes” for Lisa’s loveless, sexless, and lonely life. She tells her she still loves her, but it will take time for her to heal from her betrayal.

Loretta Devine as Cece
Loretta Devine as Cece

Cece comes to MJ’s house unexpectedly. There, she tries to extort her for money and threatens to sue her personally if she does not give her $25K. MJ refuses, but then begins to rethink it when she realizes how damaging it would be if Cece releases her blood alcohol test results. Meanwhile, Cedric and SNC’s lawyers go toe to toe over MJ. Cedric tells them they need her and cannot let her go since she is the face of their network, reminding them all the good she has done for SNC. SNC’s laywers, however, want to keep her off the air for an undetermined amount of time and even consider firing her, due to the clause in her contract of being reputable. MJ requests $5K from her money marketing account and learns the news from her lawyers. She is angry, but feels like some time off may be just what she and SNC need to realize her worth. Elsewhere, Tracy arrives to Deja’s practice late. There, Deja notices her mother’s ankle monitor. Tracy is worried about getting to her daughter’s games and practices on time and tells Patrick she needs a car.

marisol being mary jane hey mikey atl

A Latino coalition on diversity in the media targets SNC for their lack of Latino anchors. Greg gives in and recruits a new anchor to replace MJ, Marisol. Cara sees him giving her a tour and warns MJ, who immediately panics and requests fast food! At her house she and Cara come up with a plan to temporarily replace her with a fugly black female anchor. Helen takes jabs at Tracy during Deja’s game. Later, Tracy becomes agitated that no one knows where her daughter gets her aptitude for basketball from. She begins to make a scene when she has to leave and tells Patrick no matter how much money his family has he is still an addict. Cara informs MJ about Marisol, and that Greg turned down their plan. MJ is not worried, feeling she will not last. Cece arrives as Cara leaves and demands her money. MJ tells her a carrier is on the way to deliver $5K, because she cannot afford the original amount due to her responsibilities. Cece puts her on a payment plan.


Cece notices she is ready a book by W.E.B. DuBois. They have a debate about what it means to be a lazy Negro and instant gratification, something MJ likens her too. Marisol comes on television, sparking a new conversation about being Latino in the media and how she may very well take MJ’s job. Later, MJ checks social media to see her fans miss her. Patrick arrives to pick up Deja and asks his father to help him get a new job. Paul is so happy to help his son he cries. Neicy questions her father’s resolve and how he was not the perfect father for her and her sister. MJ practices her prime time pitch in the mirror. Later she goes into work and pitches stories with her team, moving Marisol out of her seat!



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