Being Mary Jane- “Let’s Go Crazy”

Being Mary Jane begins on a confusing tip as Mary Jane (MJ) is find vacuuming while David sleeps in her bed. He tries to talk to her, but she rebuffs his advances and tells him that they have to leave their relationship up to God. She decides if she is pregnant then they can be together, and if not they let it go forever. MJ continues to clean her house and pours our her liquor. Later on her show, she speaks with an expert who inspires her to try an exercise in getting to know herself using quadrants. David talks with his friend about MJ’s latest antics and about why he stopped dating black women. His friend promptly squashes his argument and tells him he and MJ need to get their lives together. MJ goes to visit Niecey and apologizes, but the latter tells her she does not need an apology nor cares what she no longer thinks. She is determined to be her own woman, free from MJ’s judgment.

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MJ walks out of one Kara’s meetings as she pitches ideas with the show. Kara follows her into her office, there MJ tells her she is done doing stories everyone else is doing. MJ tells her she wants to do stories on Black women’s issues. She accuses MJ her of wanting to build a brand over reporting the news. MJ reaches out to Nichelle hoping to make amends with her, but she ignores her call. She calls her again later and recants reaching out to her, realizing the truth of their relationship. MJ meets with Kara and Greg, who is hesitant about MJ changing the direction of her show. Greg feels there is a problem with the way her show is being ran when MJ reminds them of the clause in her contract. He tells them he will review their contracts.

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Val comes by to visit MJ and check on MJ. There, MJ spills her guts and tells her she is not pregnant and done with David. Val admonishes her when she texts David to tell him she is not pregnant. When David receives the text he and PJ are discussing business. He backs out of investing and is admonished by PJ for mistreating his sister. Later, MJ takes out her weave and distresses when her hairdresser cannot come through. She begs Neicey to come over and she fixes her hair. David calls her and leaves her a voicemail ending things between the two of them. He tells her he has accomplished pushing her away forever. He even tells his fiance the truth. MJ turns on Pills And Potions and dances her troubles away. 




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