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Which “Beyonce” are you?

Which “Beyonce” are you?

Love or her or hate her, Beyonce’s alter egos entertain us all. I love seeing her reinvent herself and develop unique personas to capture her feelings in whatever moment she lives in presently or to give an edge to performances and albums. If you look to Beyonce for beauty and style inspiration, check out my latest quiz to help you see which Mrs. Carter you should use as your beauty muse.

1. What is your favorite Beyonce song?

     a.“Dangerously in Love”

     b. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)”

      c. “Video Phone”

      d. “Irreplaceable”

2. You are headed out for a night on the town, what is in your clutch?

     a. Phone, keys, gum

      b. Lip gloss, Lipstick, eyeliner, phone, ticket stub

      c. What clutch? I have pockets.

       d. Phone, valet ticket, mints

3. Your friends want to meet for lunch at your favorite spot, what shoes do you reach for?

       a. Flats

       b. Wedges

        c. Jordan’s

        d. Four inches Stiletto pumps

4. If you had to pack up all you make-up tonight, what would it fit in?

     a. A pouch

     b. a shoulder back

      c. a briefcase

      d. A carry-on suitcase

5. If your friends had to describe you in one word, what would they say?

      a. Sweet.

      b. Fun.

      c. Dope.

      d. Elegant.

Mostly A’s You are…Queen Bey. The original “Beyonce” if you will. You are a classic pretty girl and prefer to play up your natural beauty. Check out videos like “Halo” and “Love on top” for classic Queen Bey beauty inspirations.

Mostly B’s You are…Sasha Fierce! You like to go out on the town and strut your stuff. Plus, you love to try new trends and totally transform your face. The “B-day” album spread and promo shots offer great Sasha Fierce inspirations, along with videos like “Partition” and “Video Phone”. Try funky eyelashes with a matte orange lip for a fierce, trendy look.

Mostly C’s You are…Yonce. You bring a rougher edge to beauty and fashion. You do not like to look so “done,” but you definitely like to make a statement. Old school Salt-N-Pepa, TLC and, of course, the “Yonce” video can provide some great ideas for your beauty swag.

Mostly D’s You are…King Bey. King Bey pretty much does it all. You bring naturally fierce realness to any beauty/style trend you try. Check out the “Mrs. Carter” tour stills look for some royal inspiration.



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