Black Beauty Brands: Oral Care Edition

You have to make sure your oral care is just as good as your skin care!


Yes, having good skin and fly clothes is nice, but so is having nice teeth. One thing that people will definitely notice and judge on is appearance, more so when you smile. You may not notice it at first, but when you walk up to people, they complete a mini scan of what is in front of them. You do not want them to look at you crazy, especially due to yuck mouth. Below are some Black-Owned brands that deal with oral care. Take a look!



If you are in need of a new toothbrush, take a look at Coral Oral. This Black-Owned business has created a product that you need and can use every day. Everyone should be brushing their teeth in order to have great breathe and just general good, hygienic practices. Everyone in your family can have their own brush because you can have the option of a multi pack. Also, the bristles come in medium or soft. Coral Oral is a stand out company because not only do they have a basic necessity, they also help provide jobs to inner city youth.

coral oral 4packGARNER’S GARDEN

Garner’s Garden is your one-stop shop for all things oral care. If you want another alternative to oil pulling, try their Oxy Pulling. It’s just as good and does not take 20 minutes to remove the funk and bacteria from your mouth. Once you finish with the Oxy Pulling, you can then brush your teeth. The tooth powder will take the place of your traditional toothpaste. Just follow up with the Garner’s Garden mouthwash. There isn’t the burn that comes from traditional mouthwashes. If you like bundles, the tooth powder and mouthwash comes in many options.

Garner's Garden mouthwash_toothpowder

Lovely Bright Smile

Have you ever thought about getting your teeth whiter? Well, Lovely Bright Smile is the place for you. Tina Jay is the creator and owner of this Black owned business that can help improve the look of your smile. If you are local to New Orleans, she can see you in person on specific days, but she does ship the activated charcoal worldwide. Follow the instructions in order to get a whiter smile.

Lovely Bright Smile activated charcoal

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