Blue Ivy’s Crown: She’s Unbothered

Recently everyone has been  up in arms
 at the petition someone started as an alleged ‘joke’, calling for Blue to have her hair done. Well, King Bey’s heiress not only got her hair done but she rocked a crown to remind everyone just who she was.


Father’s Day weekend Jay-z was spotted toting his baby girl who wore a sleek and toddler chic bun. Dressed in a floral print sundress, baby carter topped her look of with a crown as the perfect finishing accessory.

We love the look Blue! Remain unbothered, whether you’re rocking a bun or your natural tresses loose. While the kids are worried about your hair, I’m just wondering where their edges are. Is Blue’s bun Kiddie Kouture ? Comment below and tell us what you think.

Danielle Elaine

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