Booty…Does Size Matter??

Blac Youngsta’s song Booty is one of the hottest records out right now. Just about everybody and their mama is yelling toot toot. And if they are not toot tooting, they are twerking to this hood anthem. He does not just have everybody dancing, he also has them asking the question ”does booty size matter”?

Let me see that booty, that big ole booty is echoed throughout the song. While many women are flashing their big booties, others are wishing theirs was bigger. They are willing to do everything from shots to squats to get the booty they want, but how big is big enough?

As of late booties have been one of the biggest topics in entertainment. Everyone from your favorite singer to the hottest IG model is having theirs enhanced. It seems like the bigger the better. It is like you popularity grows with the size of your booty.

Most men would admit they love big booties. That does not mean that they would not take the small ones though. As a matter of fact, there are even some men that are attracted to no booty. I have even heard it said they are all the same size in the dark.

Honestly, I have heard it all. She is ugly, but she is fine. Or she is thick with curves. I have even heard she slim, but sexy with it. There was even a time or two when I heard it’s too much booty. Truthfully I don’t think size is going to deter anybody who wants you.



Even with that a lot of women are trying to get bigger booties. Many of them risking their health to get it. From pads to surgery they are looking for the K. Michelle and Nikki Minaj effect. Both of which have had surgery and medical mishaps with their booty.

The crazy part for me is most of the women say it doesn’t matter. It’s not like It being bigger is going to change them. It is just something they want for themselves. They just think they would look better with a bigger one. It is no different than getting breast implants many would argue.

I can almost promise you that if he likes you it won’t matter. Big , small, or none at all he is still going to be like toot toot. At the end of the day twerk however much you have. And if he can’t appreciate it, don’t let him see that booty Toot Toot.