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Have The Braxton’s Lost Their Values?

Seems like things just keep getting worse for everyone’s favorite family. On the Season 4 premier,  the Braxton sisters continued to go at it. Towanda, however, has had enough. Season, after season, and what seems like years of build up, Towanda finally reached her breaking point. After yet another blow up between Tamar, and Towanda, while out to dinner things finally came to a head.

towanda, BFV, tamar, wetv

In a dramatic whirl wind of fabulousness Tamar walked off camera leaving the argument. Trina, Towanda and Tracy sat behind discussing the issue as Towanda began to unravel. Towanda’s emotions erupted with a glass shattering blow. She expressed her feelings as she screamed and banged on the restaurant table. Tearful and enraged she stormed off set, demanding producers and film crew to “move!”.

bfv, towanda, tamar, wetv

Towanda told ABC News Radio,

I couldn’t be emotional. I couldn’t let everybody know how I was really feeling because as soon as I do there’s always a [back]lash. So I suppressed every time,” the mother of two explains. “I think there was only one other time — maybe not that big — I had lashed out and that’s, like Trina said, that’s when someone talked about my children. But when we were sitting together as a family I just felt that I wasn’t being heard, and it was a long time coming

Many have speculated that Towanda is jealous of her baby sister Tamar. Such a theory may have some rooting. Since the beginning of the BFV franchise has begun, Towanda has always been depicted as the family’s ‘Secret Squirrel’. She has always been known to play second fiddle to the brighter stars of the sisters, Toni and Tamar.  Acting as personal assistant, and backup singer for Toni for years, and being subject to the diva queen Tamar, it is only right one would begin to feel obsolete.

“I detested the fact that everybody thought, or everybody was feeling that Towanda was jealous of Tamar”, Towanda said. She regarded the notion as “ridiculous”, and also said,

I detested the fact that everybody thought, or everybody was feeling that Towanda was jealous of Tamar. I’m like ‘how dare you think that someone who actually volunteered to carry your child to be jealous?’ That’s ridiculous to me. And whenever Tamar needed, and whenever Tamar wanted me to be there, I was there. That whole thing stemmed from one of Tamar’s Tamartians telling Towanda that she hopes her kids get raped and killed [on Twitter]. Do you understand what I’m saying? So of course there’s a certain retaliation that wells up in you when you talk about somebody’s children

It will be interesting to see just how things unfold throughout the rest of the season. The season trailer, though just a few seconds long was packed full of explosive  juicy drama. Hopefully by the season finale things will have been flushed out and cleared up.  Check out the Braxton Family Values Season 4 Premiere full episode now, and tell us what you think of Towanda, and Tamar’s verbal Kombat.

See Towanda’s explosive eruption, at 32:00.


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