Breakout Music Producer James Worthy Talks Music Nostalgia

Written by: Mark Pollard

In the busy streets of Atlanta, aspiring musicians, producers, and songwriters come a dime a dozen, but not everyone has the flair and; all with the exception of Mr. James Worthy, however. Billboard Songwriter/Producer James Worthy is a breakout star in the music industry. Self-taught, Worthy has all the tips & trades when it comes to creating a masterpiece within his musical ability, and is not afraid to share in his new tell-all book Music Nostalgia, an up and coming musician’s guide on the do’s and don’t’s of the music industry.

unnamed-6“Music Nostalgia is basically an autobiography/producer and songwriters manual.”

“So I’m pretty much giving my story, my background, giving tips of the trade on what you need to do to get into the music industry, basically, musicians do’s and don’t’s.”

Worthy’s new book tells the many works of his career from business to his build on stardom. Associated with his many producer/songwriter credits with Grammy nominated artists & award winners like Silk, Tony Sunshine of Terror Squad, Bobby Brown, Petey Pablo, Yung Berg, Bonecrusher, T-Pain, Tyra B, Future, Michael Keith of 112, Lil Zane, and so many others.

“The whole premise of this book is to not only give information to new musicians coming in the industry but to also give people something to study. When they listen to me at my panels and have specific questions about the industry this is my way of giving them answers and something to study.”

Worthy continues,

“It pretty much sums my whole journey from the beginning of my career to where I am now, how I made it and the steps that I took. Just kind of giving my journey in a book format going into different eras of music and going to what I’m doing myself with the kind of leverage that I have in the music industry.”

unspecified-3-copy-2You might be curious on how he got to where he is now, right? Well according to Worthy he has had to work his butt off for years and it surely did not happen over night. For success like Worthy’s, it takes long hours of hard work, and drive, but not only that a business mindset as well. This was a topic of discussion at a panel in which he was invited to speak. This, of course, being A3C panel which was organized and facilitated by NJT Enterprises in Atlanta. In which Worthy states,

“I did a panel for the city of Atlanta through A3C where we had a great turnout and discussion on the music industry. I just love giving information especially to people who aren’t very familiar with the business aspect of the industry, that was a big highlight of the panel and I’m just really glad we were able to touch that.”

unspecified-13James has worked with some of the best out there in the music industry such as; Sara Stokes of B.E.T Centric’s Reality Television Show, “From The Bottom Up’, Justin Bieber, Bobby Valentino, Cece Peniston, Bobby Brown and Bobby Brown Jr. and even Bobbi Kristina.

I’m really close to the Brown family, a lot of people don’t know that I used to work with Bobbi Kristina. I did have a chance for a short time to work with her and it’s a tragic situation with what happened but moving forward hopefully her legacy will continue and be put in a positive light.”

It is safe to say that Worthy is a producer that is worth investing into and working with.

“A lot of the artists I’ve worked with have their own personalities, their own ways of working, there own style and what we do is come together and make masterpieces.”

Worthy, who is a Billboard and Grammy-nominated music producer from Queens, New York, shows that not only does he take his art seriously, but embodies the essence of what a true artistic producer really is. It’s safe to say that this man has had quite an impact on the industry in his short time being in it. So what’s his take on today’s more modernized hip-hop artists?

“There are a lot of different creative styles but the lack of creative lyrical content is there. There’s nothing being talked about in the actual music, that to me is not true artistry. Artistry consists of what you’re actually saying, the message conveyed on top of melody and beats, and those certain components aren’t being brought to the forefront like it should be when it comes to hip-hop. I’m an artistic person, so art is my life, entertainment is my life. So as long as I’m doing something along that field whether its music, fashion, acting or songwriting, that keeps me motivated all of those components are important to me.”

With a mixed style of hip-hop/R&B, neo-soul and urban, Worthy is taking his producing, songwriting, and acting skills to the next level.

“On top of Music Nostalgia, I’m in a new film, Love By Chance starring Terri J. Vaughn and Clifton Powell. So I’ll be in that movie coming out in 2017, and I’m also working on new music with Tiffany Evans, Bone Crusher, Selena Gomez.”

Worthy is a true rising star in the entertainment industry and with the newfound success, we’re excited about what the future holds for him.

unspecified-1-copy“I just want to keep inspiring people, so that they’ll go out and follow their dreams, especially coming into a field like this.”

“The industry is very cutthroat and I’m just one of those people that love to help people in any way that I can. So this is my way of not only helping musicians but at the same time giving my own come up story because I was once that person looking from the outside in on how to get things done as well.”

James Worthy is the truth when it comes to creativity whether it’s through music, acting or just plain entertainment period. Barely scratching the surface of his career, if you didn’t know who James A. Worthy was before, you definitely have a lot to tune in for from this creative genius. You can follow James Worthy on Twitter and IG @kingjamesworthy and Facebook at James A. Worthy.


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