Brilliantly “black-ish!”

The sitcom has been a mainstay of the television since its inception. Whether you were watching Leave It To Beaver, The Brady Bunch, Good Times, Family Matters  or even Malcolm in The Middle you know and love them well! However, in recent years it has been on the decline, on the rise instead is reality television and a few celebrity driven talk shows. ABC’s latest sitcom begs to differ and steal the night in “black-ish!” “Black-ish” is the brilliant brainchild and comedy of Lawrence Fishburne. The series stars Anthony Anderson and Tracy Ellis Ross as they raise their modern black family in a mostly Caucasian environment.



Surrounded by Suburbia they are the self-described “mythical and magical” oasis of Black people. Indeed they would be considered a successful black family. Anthony Anderson is Dre Johnson, father of the family, who has just received a promotion at his job to Vice President of Urban Affairs. The problem is he believes he only received the position due to his skin color and merit. To make things worst his kids are not connected to their Black cultural roots and his wife, Rainbow (Tracy Ellis Ross) is biracial and firmly against his attempts to make them more black. Lawrence Fishburne is “Pops,” his wisecracking father more annoyed by his “black-ish” family than anything. In the first episode, Andre Jr. tries out for the field hockey team instead of basketball and asks for a Bat Mitzah so he can be Jewish like his other friends. Naturally, his father flips out and tries to force a makeshift African rites of passage ceremony on him in the backyard, but not before jeopardizing his job.




The advanced screening was held at Atlanta’s very own Negril Village. Hosted by V-103’s Stacii Jenae, guests were treated to gourmet finger foods from the restaurant. The event was nothing short of stellar, even opening dialogue about what it means to be “black-ish.” Like any sitcom, things were neatly wrapped in thirty minutes, but this series does bring up some pertinent issues to the Black experience in America, albeit with a satirical tone. What is the essence of blackness? Is it your skin pigment, culture, or what you do fun? Needless to say it is going to be quite the funny adventure as we explore all of this. With Dre and Rainbow as our guides I am pretty sure the ride will be “wild-ish” to say the least! Catch ABC’s “black-ish,” September 24th at 9:30 PM EST!


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