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You’d easily recognize Regina Hall’s signature chops from her breakout role as Cindy Campbell’s bff Brenda Meeks in the Scary Movie franchise–or as Julian’s love interest Candace Sparks in The Best Man.

From her memorable charm, and uncanny ability to steal-the-show with her combustible humor, the veteran actress sounds off on her role in the new thriller When the Bough Breaks. Dishing on her experience filming with Black-Hollywood co-star and friend Morris Chestnut and fresh-faced newcomer Jaz Sinclair, Regina appears ready to take on Hollywood and much, much more.

Regina Hall
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“We really don’t see any subject matter about surrogacy in African American movies. I liked the idea of looking into that. I was intrigued by the idea of the couple that had everything except a family,” Regina told me when asked about her initial thoughts on the story. “I think in every character there’s something to relate to. I can relate to Laura’s strength and vulnerability as a woman,” she told me.

Regina Hall
Laura Taylor (Hall) and husband John Taylor, played by Morris Chestnut.

Considering the onscreen tensions between these two leading ladies Laura Taylor (Hall) and Jaz Sinclair (Anna), it’s easy to understand how quickly things escalate when placing yourself in the situation of possibly losing your man to another woman. Despite this, Regina’s thoughts on the subject differ greatly from what could be considered the expected reaction. Nonetheless, When the Bough Breaks in Regina’s words is something viewers won’t expect.

“I didn’t have the I-wouldn’t-have-done-that moment. If it were my last embryo I would have let her stay (in my home). I’d hope that I would be a little more secure than Laura was, and that I would have noticed the level of discomfort with my husband.”

Regina’s association with co-star Morris Chestnut goes all the way back to the early 2000’s, long before his role as Laura’s husband (John Taylor). Her experience (though no indication of any kind of romance) was more platonic than anything else. Talk about leaving the fun out.
However, the trademark of a great actor isn’t simply repeating lines; it’s getting the viewer drawn in to what they see. And it’s easy enough to get drawn into the drama in When the Bough Breaks.“Obviously, I’ve worked with Morris before. He’s too funny! Working with your friends is always a kick for me. You get to reconnect with people and create these memories–there like little gems.”

Jaz Sinclair, Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall at the Premier for When the Bough Breaks.
Jaz Sinclair, Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall at the Premier for When the Bough Breaks.

While the pair defiantly created some convincing onscreen chemistry, the process was more choreographed than organic. “It’s a little awkward (laughs), but it’s such a contained environment with your director. Move your hand there. Arch your back. It’s kind of awkward because you’d never be in that situation with that person, but its also safe because it’s such a controlled environment. It’s not how people would think. But I will say it’s always nice when they’re cute.

Acting is described as a more of an out-of-body-experience than second nature to Regina. “I get a chance to be different. There’s something inside of me that gets to take on its own form. There are times when it’s challenging because its so personal. But I love creating. I love being able to do something that’s not really me but it’s still me. There’s almost a spiritual component. Creating the character is all very unpredictable. I love and hate living in the moment. When I’m working, I wonder will the character really come through me. You hope there’s a truth to it that you live up to. I want to elevate it to something that has a human component. If you don’t humanize it to some degree, then I feel its incomplete. It’s discovering the humanity of every character.”

Definitely a flick you want to add to your collection–When the Bough Breaks is available to order of iTunes, Digital HD and Amazon Video, and will be released for DVD on December 27th in time for the holidays.



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