Chris Brown and Karrueche Go At It on Social Media, Kaurreche Puts Chris in His Place

Break up to make up to break up again. Chris Brown and Karrueche just cannot grasp the concept of keeping their business away from social media and so the world got another glimpse into their world wind love affair as Breezy had too much to say about Kae’s recent interview with Access Hollywood.

During the interview, Karrueche was asked about Nia, the mother of Chris’ baby, Royalty, who was rumored to be a former friend of hers. Without being too over-the-top or personal for that matter, Karrueche gave a mature answer stating that she and Nia weren’t close friends, sort of ran in the same circles kind of thing, and that she and Chris have no communication right now but doesn’t know what could happen in the future.

After the clip went viral, that mature answer gave Chris the green light to give a not-so-mature response on Instagram:

Kaurreche decided that this time it was clapback season for her and responded with an IG post to put Chris Brown in his place:


First off @chrisbrownofficial you just did an interview w Ryan Seacrest in which you spoke about me. My interview w Access Hollywood was not entirely about you.. they asked a question and as a mature adult I answered. I’m not gonna shy away from something that I lived through. I’m talking about my life and experiences. I’m not speaking on you or bashing you (like I easily could). Don’t be mad at me because our relationship is over due to your lack of loyalty. You know what’s weak?? You forcing yourself into my car.. my broken window.. blowing up my phone.. trying to shower me w gifts.. Man the fuck up and change the bs in your life like I’ve told you several times. Since you want to hear about my career – check out@vanityseries every Thursday on Emmy winning@thebaytheseries this Sept and 3 Headed Shark Attack on SyFy next month. Best of luck to you and beautiful Royalty ??

I guess Chris had a change of heart and posted this final IG post on the matter:


We hope this will be the last episode we see between Chris and Karrueche but we all know that next week it’ll be something new.

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