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Chris Pratt, The “Regular” Guy

Chris Pratt, The “Regular” Guy

You may think Chris Pratt is a big-time douche bag superstar due to his new-found success stemming from some pretty awesome movies. But he’s not. He’s actually a pretty down to earth and silly guy; the type of guy you run into at the bar while watching the NBA finals and instantly become best bros with. His rise to fame definitely hasn’t tarnished his humility and his personality.


Complex caught up with the Jurassic World savior to talk about his star role in this classic movie series and introduce us to a side of Chris Pratt that you can’t help but want to have a beer with.

Jurassic World was a blast. It brought back those feelings I had as a six-year-old watching the original for the first time. How much did Jurassic Park mean to you as a kid?

You know, it meant a lot. I was a big fan of the franchise. I was 13 when I saw it for the first time in theaters, and that’s a very impressionable age. It definitely left a major impression on me.

Was it that nostalgia that attracted to you to the script?

The nostalgia was actually what gave me a little bit of apprehension to approach this project. I was like, “Dude, don’t fuck this up!” But then it was [director Colin Trevorrow’s] idea, his script and his whole vision that really got me excited. The idea that the park has re-opened was so cool. You got to look at all these dinosaurs you didn’t get to see in the first movie. It was a doorway into telling this story and making it relevant to today and I think that’s exactly what it needed.

There’s a great audition story of yours that involves you cursing at Moneyball director Bennett Miller while getting into character to prove how much you owned the role. Anything like that go down while auditioning for Jurassic World

I actually didn’t audition for this movie. They just offered it to me, which was kind of great.  ​

You and fellow superhero Chris Evans famously bet on the Super Bowl last year. Got anything riding on the NBA Finals this year? Who do you got winning?

Warriors, man. Definitely the Warriors. My friend Erica is a huge, huge, crazy Golden State fan and she got diagnosed with breast cancer this year. So at the beginning of the season I reached out to my peeps and got her a whole box of Warrior’s shwag: signed balls, signed jerseys, a whole bunch of stuff. And now they’re about to win the title, which is amazing. They’re looking pretty good. Steph Curry is unreal.

I also love that it’s a California team. Not the Clippers—which would’ve been cool, too—and not the Lakers. It’s like the youngest brother. They’re like the youngest Hemsworth kid or something. Not Chris, not Liam, but the undiscovered Hemsworth. Now they’re that dude. It’s Golden State’s time.

The world knows you’re a huge hip-hop head after that clip of you rapping Eminem’s “Forgot About Dre” verse went viral. What hip-hop albums or songs have you been digging this year?

I’m actually more of an old school cat. You know what I was listening to on this press tour? Jurassic Five. Because I was like…. Jurassic Park! [Laughs]. It’s funny because I’ve actually been a big country music fan for the past few years, and I would go to these photo shoots and put country on and the look on my face in the photo was always the same. Then my publicist was like, “Fuck this shit, dude! You gotta put on some good music.” And when she put on some good music—I think it was Michael Jackson for my latest GQ shoot—the next you thing you know, it totally changed my whole mood.

We definitely play some Kanye West but it’s definitely nothing new or cutting edge. Just the old school shit I have on my phone. You should tell me what I need to be listening to. ​

What’s on your gym playlist then?

I got the Chronic 2001 that I listen to over and over again. Eminem, of course. Tupac. I even got some Foxy Brown on there. She’s so badass. I was listening to some Trick Daddy the other day, some old Wu-Tang. Some 50 Cent. But the 50 I have on my phone is all fucked up because it’ll start playing then it cuts out. That might be a sign it’s time I start listening to the newer guys. Like, okay Chris, it’s 2015.

You can read more from the interview at Complex.com


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