Claudia Jordan Keeps It Real from Head to Toe!

Claudia Jordan, unlike most of the cast members (past and present) of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” has been blunt and brutally honest from the jump. For someone so pretty, you would not believe she has such an amazing sense of humor. It is very “Girl Next Door” meets celebrity comedienne. Yep, pretty and funny, are an awesome combination on any girl. As well know she is not afraid to keep it real and recently kept it so real that she discussed why she does not wear open toe shoes or show her feet for that matter. She claims they are horrible, and she was again honest!

"All Star Celebrity Apprentice" Finale

In next week’s episode you will get to take a look at her feet as she gets a pedicure with bestie and cast mate, Kenya Moore. Needless to say, the girl needs one bad. Claudia has a corn on every toe it looks like, seemingly formed from wearing too little shoes. She even admitted it on her Bravo TV blog: “I have a good shaped foot and my toes are all the proper length, but it’s just these toes… I got corns y’all! It started when I ran track and would wear a really tight track spike when I would race (basically cramming my feet in a shoe a size smaller), then when I got into modeling and wearing heels all the time, that wreaked havoc on my poor toes.”


A girl in a heel is always a good look but not if they are going to decimate her feet! Naturally, fans and haters have a lot to say about her feet, even referencing lines from Eddie Murphy’s hit movie, Boomerang. Still, even if she has the money to keep that from happening, her feet just prove that nobody is perfect. Everyone has a mole, blemish, or some form of physical dilemma they begrudgingly have to work on. This just happens to be hers. Thanks for keeping it real Ms. Jordan! If you need a good pedicurist, I suggest Rose’s Nails off Flakes Mill Road in Decatur. They work wonders!

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