What Colors Are You Eating This Spring?

orange_lips_trend_2014_spring_runway_trendsSpring is approaching calling for the makeup trends such as orange and berry lips, blue, green and golden eye shadows along with cat eyes and white liner. These colors will work well on your face this season but did you know these colors will work wonders for your diet as well? If not, let’s explore 7 foods that will help keep you in shape and improve belly fat for swimsuit season.

The next time you think about applying a hint of green to your eyes, think about cucumbers which contains 96 percent water content and are only 45 calories each. Do not forget about green leafy vegetables which all have low calories, rich in fiber and have vital vitamins and minerals to help ease water retention minus the bloating and stomach discomfort. Another green food is avocado which is rich in fiber and contains monounsaturated fatty acids which helps burn belly fat easily.

If green isn’t your color, go for blue and grab a cup of blueberries while you are at it. This serving size is 25 percent of the amount of your daily vitamin c intake. It will keep your cholesterol low, your immune system strong and have antioxidants which are known to reverse heart disease and even cancer.

When you dabble in a berry color for your lips, think about watermelon which has 82 percent water content that w


ill allow you to stay full for a longer period of time and also has less than 100 calories in 1 cup serving.

With the browns and gold shimmer also being a trend, make almonds an eating trend as well. They are good for the skin, for they have vitamin E and protein. They also allow you to stay full longer. Although they are a little high in calories, this will not contribute to belly fat.

Whether you are rocking a cat eye, hint of white eyeliner or orange lips, make sure you have fun with your colors. This goes for beans as well since they help improve digestion and make you stay full longer.

So remember, when you are thinking of what color to wear, think about what colors you are eating too. Trying these foods will show a big difference in your body once you are in that swimsuit!


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