Comedian And Writer Allen Maldonado Dishes On ‘The Last OG’ and His New App ‘Everybody Digital’

Photographed by Steven Gerlich for Aesthesia Studio / Groomer: Bethany Garita / Wardrobe Stylist: Daralyn Carter

The Last OG is the latest series from TBS that houses a legendary cast of comics from Tracy Morgan to Cedric The Entertainer and even the new Queen of Comedy, Tiffany Haddish. One of the stars helping propel the laughs forward is comedian and writer, Allen Maldonado.

The show consistently provides hilarious and heart-warming moments with the cast. There’s a scene where Morgan and Maldonado’s characters are sitting on a bench playing the dozens in a classic New York fashion. Their chemistry was so organic you could hardly decipher what was scripted and what was improv. Maldonado,who is also a writer on the show, revealed that the amount of improvisation is about 50/50 when compared to the scripted portions.

Being able to deliver so much spontaneous dialogue speaks to the talent of the cast and their high energy leader, Tracy Morgan. On the series, Maldonado is cast as Morgan’s right-hand man. It appears that relationship translates off-screen as Maldonado notes, “we have a bond where we feel like brothers from the past.”

Photographed by Steven Gerlich for Aesthesia Studio / Groomer: Bethany Garita / Wardrobe Stylist: Daralyn Carter

That connection also extends to community service. Tracy Morgan and the TBS network recently honored the new show and the neighborhood where it films by refurbishing a local playground. They held a “block party” style ceremony to dedicate the new basketball court to the legendary Marcy projects in Brooklyn, home of Jay Z and Tracy Morgan.

Maldonado also dedicates his time to the community through his organization, Demo Nerds. These underprivileged youth are granted access to a performing arts program. The goal is to allow an “opportunity for them to be inspired.” Maldonado began the program about five years ago with a select group of foster children and “fell in love with them.” With an emphasis on self confidence, Maldonado says the program allows the children to “grow and find themselves through the art.”

Photographed by Steven Gerlich for Aesthesia Studio / Groomer: Bethany Garita / Wardrobe Stylist: Daralyn Carter

With so much on his plate already, Maldonado has managed to still find time to become an entrepreneur. He is spearheading a platform to stream the latest short films via his app Everybody Digital – currently available in the Apple and Google Play Stores.

According to Maldonado, the idea came from heartbreak. He’d created a successful short film that premiered in the festival circuit. However, once the festivals ended, there was no other major platform to distribute his art. Given the amount of “short form” content on social media the avenues are already available for short films to succeed again.

Maldonado wants to “turn the genre into an actual industry. Short films are the grandfather of today’s short form. Before trailers, there were short films.” He believes this endeavor will support all filmmakers. In addition to the app, he will also be starring in the upcoming film, Superfly, this summer. It appears that no matter what Allen Maldonado is up to, he does it with a little comedy and a lot of heart.

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