CULT: I Never Apply Enough Lipstick

I almost took the beauty away from the matte lipstick, Purple Affair by Ruby Kisses when I didn’t apply enough to my lips. Lesson of the day less isn’t more when it comes to lipstick.

I purchased this beautiful lip color this past week from the beauty supply store and it turned me into a completely different diva. I had hair like Chaka, pretty decent makeup, and a lip color that could put a man under a spell. I’m only talking about the matte lipstick by Ruby Kisses, Purple Affair.

This is actually my first ever matte lipstick. Yea, I know I’m way behind considering I purchased this 2 weeks ago. To think I almost did not wear this color to its full potential. Take a look.


Tomboy Confession: I have a bad habit of not applying enough lipstick to my lips. I’ll literally go across my top and bottom lips 1-2 times, blot, and be on my way. This time around my sister shared a few harsh words with me and I decided to add little extra.

If I didn’t add apply more to my lips I would have never seen the true color of Purple Affair. There is a serious difference in “shy application” and “full coverage application”. When I applied Purple Affair the first time (shy application) it almost looked like a tinted wine color lipstick, but when I went back for a (full coverage application) it became this fun, daring summer color. I love it! In this case less isn’t more. I learned my lesson.

Enjoy lipstick that has a long lasting color, full coverage, and smooth application for only $2.99. Find Purple Affair and 23 other awesome colors at your local beauty supply store. If they don’t carry it no worries you can get it >>HERE<<.

See(C) You(U) Later(L) Tom(T).


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