Da Real BB Judy She’s More Than Just A Big Butt and A Smile

Jesseca Dupart AKA Da Real BB Judy

Kaleidoscope Hair Care

In case you didn’t know, she is more than just a big butt and a smile. If you never had proof before Kaleidoscope Hair Care Products proves dreams do come true. It was all a dream on a piece of paper, Jesseca Dupart (CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Product) will tell you. She took her life savings and decided to invest in herself in 2013. By 2014 Kaleidoscope Hair Salon was open, and she had created her own line of hair care products. Within the next three years Jesseca would have the hair game on its edges literally.

Jesseca, unlike many salon owners, understood the importance of branding and marketing, and brand she did. She made sure she put thought into every aspect of her business. From the introduction of Kaleidoscope Hair Salon customers quickly linked colors with the name. That accompanied with radio and T.V. commercials helped her salon became one of the more known in the New Orleans area.

The next step was to put that same hustle behind the hair care products. This time it was like hustle on crack. Not only was she supplying her walk-in clients and doing some internet sales, she then turned to google. Understanding how E-commerce worked, she was able to double her sales with in a years time.

Today you can find Jesseca aka Da Real BB Judy everywhere. If she’s not on your timeline, she’s running up on your favorite celebrity trying to help them fix their edges. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Miracle Drops or the entire Maintenance Bundle somebody know has it. And she is not just keeping the blessings to herself. Just this past Christmas Jesseca gave 600 bikes to local kids, and then launched The You Better Get This Free Knowledge tour. And most recently she handed over the keys to her warehouse to her friend Supa. Jesseca and Kaleidoscope has come along way from when it was all a dream to prove dreams do come true.