Dare To Be Divergent! Get Your Free Passes to “Insurgent: The Divergent Series!”

It has been a year since Divergent won the hearts of millions everywhere! We became thoroughly engrossed in a dystopic future where what remains of humanity is divided into five factions; Erudite, Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless, and Amity. Those who do not fit neatly into one of these factions are known as “divergents” and are persecuted or eliminated, viewed as threat to the order of life the factions have created. One such divergent, Tris, alongside her boyfriend, Four, managed to stop the ruthless Erudites from wiping out Abnegations and divergents. Now, on the run, Tris and Four are hunted by the Erudite elite, led by Jeanine. They must delve into the disasters of the past to learn the future of their world–all while staying alive!

Insurgent is a movie you must see! Not only is it the year’s for action packed blockbuster, it will be the talk of the town come next Monday morning! So how can you see the movie for free? Simple! All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments area. The first ten people to answer correctly will receive one pass (it admits you and a guest) for Insurgent! In honor of Women’s History Month our question is the following:

Which female superhero on our list of Super Women in History is blind and bends metal?

Got it? Now leave your e-mail address with answer and we will get to you ASAP, enjoy!

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