David Beckham & Kevin Hart for H&M

H&M has one big and one small reason to be excited over their Autumn/Winter Modern Essentials collection. The big reason is that superstar, soccer hunk David Beckham is returning again as the perennial face of the collection. A small reason is that little-funny man Kevin Hart has joined in on the campaign. Kevin Hart has teamed up with David Beckham to create an H&M comedy video to advertise for the new A/W collection.David-Beckham-Kevin-Hart-Are-Twins-in-New-HM-Ads

The basis of the video is that Kevin Hart is researching and following David Beckham around to prepare for a role to star as David Beckham in a new movie. Needless to say in only way that Kevin Hart can do, he manages to turn an annoying situation into a hilarious 6 minutes of comedy. Checkout the full video clip here.main_2_david_beckham_and_kevin_hart_star_in_new_hm_autumn_2015_campaign_lrg_1b03m7k-1b03m8g

While Kevin brings the funny, David definitely brings the sexy and the fashion.

david-beckhamDavid describes the collection as “Menswear is all about building a wardrobe of key pieces. For fall, I’ve focused on coats, knits and essential items to sharpen up the season.” Within the Modern Essentials collection you’ll find a smarten blazer, a modern printed sweatshirt, a bomber jacket and an updated plaid shirt. The collection is available now in-store and online for purchase. Stock-up now men on this updated classics for fall.



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