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The Debriefing

scandal2Hey Scandalholics!

Sooo… now that I have caught my breath and used my asthma pump from the premeire of Scandal, let’s chat. So did her dad really say that you are my greatest weapon against President Fitzgerald? Olivia Pope is really in deep boo boo at this point. Her mother is a top secret terrorist; her father is the ex B6-13 HNIC, her lover has to keep her a secret, her lover’s wife throws much shade and she has to work with the one that got away. Whew chile, Shonda Rhimes really put her foot, toe nails, and every hair follicle into writing the script and it has progressed every season.

Now what really caught my attention is the way Mellie, the president’s wife, threw shade with extra sauce. So you are really going to invite your husband’s mistress to dinner, give the press the fake friendship smile and insult her all in one breath. Olivia is so much better than me. I would have read her all of her rights, and told her to take up the issues with the one who shared “to death do us part”.

For the remainder of this season I am looking forward to seeing how the relationship between Harrison and Adnan Salif plays out, will anyone ever find out about the Vice President’s cover up killing, and of course if Olivia will finally not be a secret lover to the president! Tune in every Friday for the debriefing about America’s favorite show… Scandal! Because…. IT’S HANDLED!

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